Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Legacy of Brutality

Ah hell, I just found out that Mickey Spillane died today.

Spillane wrote like a broken record - repeating the same story elements over and over again for years. But I liked those story elements - a whole lot. In fact Spillane is one of my second-tier heroes.

Of course everyone knows he was the originator of Mike Hammer - but for the last two years I have been reading lesser known novels by Spillane.

I just finished reading "The Last Cop Out" - which was the story of a serial killer taking out mafia members in a really spooky way (ala the Punisher) and the Cop who gets tasked with taking down the mob and the killer before their crossfire kills some innocent square types. Like all Spillane novels it was jam packed with over-the-top violence, tough-as-nails gunmen, and dames-to-kill-for.

Spillane was the master of gun-metal gray literature and he'll be missed.

Originally posted on July 18, 2006 on Myspace.

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