Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pipe Dreams

I wish I could drive cross-country this summer and have an adventure all by my lonesome. I could break the trip up by visiting friends all over the place. From DC to Nashville to see Steve, from Nashville to Texas to see Josh, from Texas to Arizona to see Scott, then up to Utah to see Ethan, over the Rockies to see Kate and Annie in Washington - then fly home. The whole thing could take about a month.

Originally posted on November 1, 2005 on Myspace.

I still would love to do this.

Anatomy of an underworld dealing

I guess the U-Street hood isn’t completely revitalized. While sitting in my car last night listening to an album finish before going into my buddy’s house to complete our bitchin’ Halloween costume I had the pleasure of observing the anatomy of a shady deal in gentrification land.

I was parallel parked between two cars on the right side of the steet. The left side of the street was free of cars. A tan sedan pulled up to park on the left. The driver sat there with his headlights off, as I was. I thought. I wonder what album he’s listening too? (for the record mine was “Homicidal Dolls” by Armageddon Dildoes). Anyway, the guy sits in his car for about ten minutes. Then a an old, burgundy conversion van speeds up and pulls onto the left side of the street about 4 car lengths ahead of the sedan. The sedan flashes it’s lights twice. An arm pops out of the conversion van window and frantically waves. Then the sedan speeds up and parks behind the van as two guys jump out of the van’s side door. They scan the street, look at me for a second, and get in the back seat of the sedan. They hurriedly do their exchange then the two guys jump out of the sedan, look at me again, and then hop back into the van and both cars speed off into the night. The whole thing took about 3 minutes.

I thought for a second that maybe I could be in a little danger having just witnessed that. I thought maybe the van could go around the block and pull up next to my car and pop a cap in me. But then I was quickly reminded of where I was as a mob of about 40 yuppies jogged down the street past my car and the spot where the deal had gone down moments before. Of course I was safe, this was the new U-street, all the renovation and business and influx of professional folk and marathon joggers has chased out all that pesky 80’s crime. Hasn’t it? Yeah, those guys were probably just finishing up a sweet real estate buy.

Originally published on October 28, 2005.

Oh Deer

Is anyone else as confused as I am how a deer walked from Rock Creek Park all the way down to Diesel and Ralph Lauren in Georgetown before anyone noticed it?

Originally published on October 27, 2005.

Beware the Republ-ocrat Agenda!

So there we were driving to the Jello Biafra with the Melvins show at the Black Cat. My brothers down from New Jersey, my wife, and I at a stop-light down the street from the club. That’s when somebody in the car said “hey it’s the Washington Monument” and sure enough there it was. A person in a 12-foot tall Washington Monument costume being led down the street by a seeing-eye friend. It was an odd sight watching the costume getting caught in every low-hanging tree they passed under. But it was hardly the oddest sight we’d see that night- that honor was reserved for the man of the hour, Jello Biafra.

My brothers and I are just about some of the biggest music fanatics on earth and when you add my wife, my brother’s girlfriend, and my buddy Chris to the mix you’ve got one mighty mob of music freaks. So it is a little odd that none of us had ever seen Jello Biafra live in person before. Doubly strange because most of us profess his work with Dead Kennedys and Lard to be some of the best damn punk-type music ever. So for us this show was a big deal. Finally a chance to see the legend himself and he did not disappoint. In fact he surpassed our expectations.

The opening act Haram were a pretty damn good noisy rock 5 piece. They played fast-sludge which should be a contradiction in sound but somehow they pulled it off. Up next the Melvins took to the stage, well really just the bass player. He made one mighty wall of old-school noise for about 10 minutes before Buzz Osbourne the guitarist took the stage with his trademark giant frizz-ball hair which is actually greying! (I’ll tell you one thing to make you feel old is to watch a rock legend’s novelty hairdo go grey).

The full Melvins trio took the stage and played a typical Melvins noise-rock set. Which was quite a surprise as we expected Jello to join the Melvins immediately. Instead the Melvins played for about a half hour getting their sludge on.

Then suddenly they stopped playing. And then they donned balaclava masks. Then a hunch-backed dude in commando gear and a mask started running around stage setting up microphones. The Melvins started to play the familiar strains of “Plethysmograph” and then Jello erupted from backstage. He leapt onto the stage wearing a judge’s robes and proceeded to go friggin crazy for about an hour and a half.

Jello Biafra was the same face-making, politico-swearing, dynamo of frustration and fury that night as he was in all the video footage from back in the DK heyday. I realized at the show that Jello Biafra is like the James Brown of Punk. He moves around so much on stage, doing all kinds of theatrics that the band has to watch his every move for cues. Sure he looks older, a little thicker around the center, but that didn’t stop him from putting on the performance of the year.

The set was a mix of DK classics and new songs he wrote with the Melvins. The Melvins, themselves, stood still and never removed their masks giving Jello the stage.

Highlight’s were Jello’s updating of “Kalifornia Uber Alles” with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the featured governor/dictator, hearing him sing “Bleed for me” in person, getting to jump around to Lard’s best track “Forkboy”, and Jello’s rant against the “Republo-crat agenda”.

The show left all of our group equally impressed and slightly stunnned. Jello Biafra has still got it, or rather he’s got it back, putting on a show fueled by his disgust at the current state of American politics (lambasting both Republicans and Democrats) and being backed by a great band who are willing to give the god-father of Punk a showcase. And we thank them for it.

Originally published on October 27, 2005.

Adult audiences

If unholy guitar machinations aren’t your bag but cold-hearted electro-goth stylings are – then you should drive up to Baltimore to see Detroit’s finest electro-clash band Adult playing at the Ottobar.

This husband and wife duo have been crafting some of the world’s best off-beat and down-right jilted dance music for the last 7 years. Recently upgraded to a trio, they’re new album “Gimme Trouble” is a perfect blend of DIY electronics and punk attitude mixed with a dash of Siouxsie Sioux.

I’ve seen Adult twice, once at a festival in Spain and once at the Ottobar, both shows were crazy – manic dance-parties set to Jack Vulpine’s bizarre pulse-beats and Nicola Kuperus pseudo-fascist vocals. Adult are definitely worth the drive and the $15 sheckels admission.

Originally published on Ocotber 26, 2005.

Deja Vu?

Guitar mastermind Buckethead is playing at the State Theater in Falls Church tonight. While I am thrilled like a little monkey that just found a whole stash of bananas about this – it does make me take notice that several of the best bands I saw in 2004 have also played in 2005. Added to which they are all putting on such amazing f*cking shows that the are very likely going to end up on my 2005 year-end list.

The enigmatic guitar-god is going to put on one rip-roaring show tonight and just in time for Halloween week too. Of course he’ll be wearing his ever-present KFC-bucket helmet and creepoid “Michael Myers” mask to obscure his identity whilst dazzling the crowd with axe-grinding riffs and warp-speed fret-work.

For a brief summary of BH’s last DC show you can read my review from last year or my year-end recap.

Wednesday October 26
Doors: 7 PM

Showtime 8:30 PM
Tickets: $15

Originally published on October 26, 2005.

The James Brown of Punk

Last night - Jello Biafra with the Melvins - all I can say is Oh My God - that is punk rock - that is what it is all about.

If they come to your town - go!

Originally posted on October 26, 2005 on Myspace.

Harlem’s Greatest

Harlem rapper Cam’ron was shot this weekend while attending Howard University’s home-coming weekend in DC. Apparently three men tried to car-jack Cam’ron’s Lamborghini and they shot him in both arms as he drove away The wounded rapper drove himself to Howard University Hospital where he is now recovering.

A spokesperson for Cam’ron made following statment: “Cam’ron will be just fine. He’s in good spirits. He’s cracking jokes and is expected to be released shortly. He even asked the nurse for her phone number when he woke up.”

Godspeed and good health Cam.

Originally published on October 25, 2005.

Punk Dichotomy

Tuesday night in DC is a perfect example of the dichotomy of Punk Rock ideals versus commercialism at its finest (or worst) and the hyposcrisy of the legions of adherents to said ideals.

Social Distortion is playing a sold out 930 Club tonight for $25
Jello Biafra is playing at the Black Cat tonight for $15 but it isn’t sold out.

While there is no denying that Social Distortion are one of America’s finest punk bands musically, politically they have never been very heavy hitters. And as they have aged and evolved as an band, they have perfected a variety of pre-packaged Punk Rock that sells tons of albums to the X-Games/Tony Hawk crowd – arguably the consumer Punk market. They have become so packaged that even their stage banter is suspected of being scripted.

Jello Biafra is one of Punk Rock’s most out-spoken political watch-dogs and has tirelessly continued his one-man crusade for 25 years without streamlining or giving in to commercial temptation. In the last two years Biafra has come down off the spoken-word pulpit to cut two fantastic albums of music in response to the current world situation. He is stopping by the Black Cat to play some of his new tunes but also to update some of his old Dead Kennedy’s songs. Not in an attempt to cash in (like that other band playing tonight) but to highlight how little progress America has made as a nation since he originally wrote these songs 25 years ago.

I’m sure musically both of these concerts tonight are going to be great. But if you call yourself a punk with a straight-face and you criticize “the man” and you complain about how nobody “makes a difference” then ideologically there is really only one show to go to tonight and it is the one that is $10 cheaper.

Originally published on October 25, 2005.

I caught some flack for writing this one from the scene.

Sea of Sound

DC9 was packed to the gills with sweet sounds all night this Sunday as four great bands and two great DJ’s (if I do say so myself) created a sonic atmosphere unlike most shows to come through DC.

My DJ partner and I were spinning music there under our Re:sonance DJ’s moniker and achieved something we’ve been talking about doing for a long time. To spin music thematically related to the bands playing to create an all-night experience for the audience. There was a nice sized crowd for our debut and everyone there seemed to be really into it. Thanks to all those who came out and double thanks for all the nice compliments on our music.

Of course the bands were the main event. Rob Montejo, formerly of mid-90’s American shoegazers Smashing Orange, treated the audience to a one man guitar strum fest washing over his heartfelt crooning. From New York came Loaded Dreams who played an ethereal but surprisingly rocking set of tunes that fell somewhere between Throwing Muses and Cocteau Twins. DC girl-band 54 got the crowd bopping with their infectious minimalist pop. And then headliners Alcian Blue brought the roof down with what is probably their loudest set yet that I have had the good fortune to see.

In all it was a great night of good music and good fun. We’ll be spinning with Alcian Blue again in November so if you missed us this time you’ll have another chance to catch us and them!

Originally published on October 25, 2005.

Re:sonance DJ’s and some good bands too :-)

This Sunday at DC9 my partner DJ Balance and I are making another appearance in our long guerrilla war to attain a regular gig in DC. We’ll be spinning the finest Shogeazer music from across the genre alongside Alcian Blue and Loaded Dreams, two of the best new bands keeping the dream alive today.

Sunday is going to be a great night of music with the sets of four bands couched in the fuzzy glow of our shoegaze atmospherics. So come on out and check it. And if you like the DJs make sure you mention it to the bar staff.

Alcian Blue
Loaded Dreams
Five Four
Rob Montejo (of Smashing Orange)
Re:sonance DJ’s – Balance and Context

Originally published on October 25, 2005.


I just got ahold of the new Revolting Cocks song off the Saw II soundtrack - it's called "Caliente (Dark Entries)." It's a cover of the Bauhaus song and it's pretty damn good.

So far Jourgensen has released three preview tracks for the 2006 Ministry/RevCo invasion and I've been pleasantly pleased with all three.

"Prunetang" - RevCo - Good ol' RevCo sleaze
"Caliente" - RevCo - Gibby doing his best Peter Murphy
"The Great Satan" - Ministry - a Ministry b-side of legend!

The new RevCo will feature Gibby Haynes from Butthole Surfers on vocals and a bunch of the guys from the Skatenigs (anyone remember those guys?)

2006 is going to be a very good year for all thing Al. These three tracks have got me all psyched up for the show in June!

Originally posted on October 21, 2005 on Myspace.

Injured Reserve

Was anyone out there cool enough to drive up to B’more for the Acid Mother’s Temple concert last night? If so I’d appreciate a short review in the comments section.

I decided to play old-fart and stayed home when I realized I was just too damn tired to make my 5th ride in 3 weeks up to Baltimore to see another show. Of course now it’s 2 in the morning and I’m regretting it – so any comments from anyone who was at the Ottobar would be appreciated.

I’m sure AMT tore it up as they did when they played there in 2004 – which just happened to be one of the best shows I saw that year.

I’m a tad concerned by my choice to go on IR and not attend this tho – for one it is a reminder that I am mortal (with all the trappings that entails) but it has also cast into doubt some of the future concerts I hope to attend. Will I be dragging my oxygen tank along with me to Front 242 next month? Do you think I’ll get Senior Citizen parking at the Patriot Center when I go to see Depeche Mode there in December?

Originally published on October 20, 2005.

This makes me smile. I am attending more concerts now in 2010 than ever did in my youth.

Episode 2: A Mighty Left

His name on the corner was Champ, on account of him getting one round in the ring with the real one. That was about as far as any of the guys in the burg got in those days. The fight wasn't no real-deal title-bout, just a sporting sparring match, but then that was about the most excitment anyone around here could hope for in those days. Champ gave a pretty good showing against the champ. Lasted most of the round. Got in one good punch. In a way that boxing match defined Champ's whole life.

Champ was on all fours at the mouth of the alley. The left side of his head, sticky with blood and hair. The streetlights put Tommy and Dill in a silouhette, each of them holding a two-by-four with some nails sticking out one end. Clumps of Champ's hair made the shadows of the nails look like stressed pipe-cleaners.

Champ's vision was blurry, he'd taken a good number of whacks to the face. He tried to focus on the big hairy knuckles of his left hand. His left was his pile-driver. Champ remembered the one time in that whole round with the real champ that he gave the world champ pause. He gave him pause with a shot from his left. Champ's left was scarred from years of defending his rep on the street. And years of working mooks over for the boss. Champ knew if it he had any chance of getting out of this scrape alive, it'd be with that massive meat-hook of a left.

It was a double-cross. Champ could sense it in Dill's voice. A split-second of realization before that nail studded plank busted open his nose. The two worked Champ over for about an hour - back in that alley - next to the truck. Champ kept swinging, clutching on to alley trash, the dumpster, anything to stay on two feet. Champ knew once he fell that was it.

The big man stumbled and struggled his way closer to the alley mouth with each whack. He felt the nails punching in and sliding out of his head, his sides, his back. Champ felt the blood running down his torso, just underneath his clothes. He could feel it filling up his shoes. His toes squishing in his own blood as his socks soaked through with it.

The lights on the street, the passing cars, the foot traffic - all seemed a mile away for Champ. But he knew if he could make it out there, then maybe Dill and Tom would give up the ghost. And then maybe Champ'd have a shot at surviving this.

Now Champ finally fell, a few feet shy of the street. Just enough light pouring into the alley to see the shadow of Tommy moving closer. To see the shadow of that nail-board lifting up for the death-blow. Champ sucked in air, his vision pulling tight focus. Champ watched his bloody left hand. He willed it into a ball, a bowling ball, that's what he needed. The shadow of Tommy's board started down on Champ.

And Champ took a knee and swung his mighty left. Up, under Tommy's swing, catching the two-timing bastard in the ribs like a god damn cannon-ball. Champ smiled as he felt Tommy's ribs break like a piano thrown from a roof-top. A smile he hadn't smiled in years, a smile he hadn't smiled since he gave the real champ pause with that one punch in that one round so many years ago. That round Champ lost just shy of going the whole way.

Tommy buckled in half under Champ's punch. His insides turned to jam. Tommy puked all over Champ. But Tommy dropped his board and that was what Champ needed.

When Dill saw Tommy go down, and Champ rise up clutching that bloody nail-board in his right and making another mighty fist with his left, Dill knew he was done for. Champ took a bloody, agonizing step towards the little rat. And Dill backed away screaming, right into traffic.

The city bus ground to a stop in front of Champ, Tommy dying on the sidewalk next to it, Dill lying underneath its wheels. The roar of the bus engine - the crowd hailing the Champ.

Originally posted on October 19, 2005.

More of my fiction.

I have always been obsessed with trying to write a serial story. This was one of my many failed attempts. This is a nice entry though.

WAMO go blamo?

Dcist and NBC4 reported another threat to the Washington Monument yesterday. This is two in little over a week.

It got me thinking about when I used to work at the top of the Washington Monument for Parks&History Association. To the many people who know me and have heard me gripe over the years about how much I hated that job, I swear these threats are not coming from me as some sort of retro-revenge deal.

While I was with P&H there was this crazed rumor about the government’s Washington Monument (WAMO for short) counter-terrorism plan. It is funny so I thought I’d share it. After Norman Mayer drove his truck up to WAMO and got his head blown off supposedly the Park Service and the Pentagon discussed options for various WAMO take-overs. The plan they allegedly approved in case of a hostage crisis up top was to fly a metal hood by helicopter and drop it on to the top of WAMO. Thus cutting the hostage-takers off from the outside world. The authorities would then wait out the hostage-takers until they gave up due to lack of supplies and ventilation. (If true this was really reassuring to me working up there every damn day of the week).

While this plan is ridiculously far-fetched, about half of the P&H staff and quite a few Park Rangers completely believed that it was truth. Maybe one of those former employees are gearing up to test the theory?

Originally published on October 14, 2005.

Episode 1: Sanchez

The gas station sat like a sinking ship on an open sea. Surrounded by desert, tilted to the left, a miracle of collective friction holding together the old warped planks that the place was built from. A cloud of desert grit hovered over the place, generated by our car coming to a sudden stop. Before I could undo my seatbelt Sanchez was out the passenger door and around back, popping the trunk open. I saw him go for the gas pump in the side-view, then looked over to catch the old codger heading out to greet us.

Poor old coot probably lived in a room in back. Night time desert winds serenading him to sleep for the last 30 years. His eyes, permanently squinted by years of working in this desert sun. Pumping gas for strangers for a lifetime.

That old man's eyes went wide once he made it over to the pump. Then his mouth formed an oh as he let out a silent prayer. I pumped two rounds into him, they hit dead center, two tiny red eruptions in the middle of his faded overalls bib. I watched him drop into the dirt, then I got out of the car.

As I tucked my .45 into my belt I tasted grit on my tongue. Licked my lips and tried to spit it out. Then I turned to the back of the car. Sanchez was pouring gas all over the couple in the trunk.

We had them tied together. Husband and wife. Figured it'd be quicker that way. I watched the clear gasoline washing the husband's comb-over aside. The few strands of hair he had left were now stuck to his wife's left cheek. Her eyes were wild with fright. I could hear her choking on the rag stuffed in her mouth. Bet that gas soaking into it didn't help either.

Sanchez was quietly chuckling to himself as he went about his work. His tongue occasionally darting across his lips in delight. I don't know how he did it. I never went in for the sadist act. Give me a gun and I'm a fucking killer but ask me to chop off somebody's pecker or some twist like that and Sanchez is your man.

Originally posted on October 14, 2005 on Myspace.

Some of my prose fiction. I always really liked this one.

Speaking of Dave Grohl

Remember when Dave Grohl was in that DC band Scream? Man, that was a good band!

Back in the day when the Velvet Lounge first opened – I rolled in there for a martini with my buddy Josh. The place was a ghost town – as it often was in those days – except for these two dudes drinking at the bar – we didn’t know them so we figured we might as well start up some conversation. Turns out it was Dave Grohl and G. Love (as in “& Special Sauce”).

We were like, “Nirvana? Never heard of them.” And Dave Grohl laughed.

Then we had a grand old time getting ripped with those guys all night. Very down to earth, very not “famous.” Hardly a soul came through the Velvet Lounge that night and the few that did gave us plenty of space.

Ah those were the days. I bet if I were hanging at the Velvet Lounge with Dave Grohl this weekend I’d have an entirely different, very public drinking story to tell.

I bet not a single person would notice if I were there with that lame-o G. Love tho. Who names their kid G. Love anyway? “I’d like to teach the world to sing” – yeah buddy how about getting a full first name – then get back to me.

Originally published on October 13, 2005.

History of Violence

I knew...I just knew Cronenberg would fuck it up. The guy makes movies that are 50-75% great but then he always mucks it up with nonsense.

The History of Violence is pretty damned good and serious - a nice meditation on the nature of violence in life - but then - god dammit the movie just goes south - hard. It goes from being a "holy crap!" violence flick - like the turning point is one of those "wow, they really went there" but then the second third of the movie plays like a really bad/cliche mafia flick. The confrontation at the end is fucking stupid - plain and simple. What a waste. Especially of Ed Harris.

Don't waste your time watching this Cronenberg junk. The guy peaked back in 1989 - it's been a long painful ride ever since.

Originally posted on October 13, 2005 on Myspace.

Happy Rockin’ Halloween!

This story has convinced me that when Dick Clark finally croaks he will be hosting a New Year’s type celebration in Hell on Halloween. Life is just that strange.

There has been a new twist in what is one fo the most bizarre stories I have been tracking for a long time. I first heard about Diamond Dead last spring. Rumours online were flying that Ridley and Tony Scott were producing a musical written by George Romero (Night of the Living Dead) with songs by Richard Hartley (Rocky Horror Picture Show). The musical which was to feature a murderous zombie rock band was intended as a blue-print for a movie of the same title.

As if this concept wasn’t bizarre enough sometime last spring it was leaked that Diamond Dead: The Musical was going to be workshopped in Washington DC! Why DC I wondered? And where in town were these test-runs going to take place? And how could I get access to such strange goings-on?

But then as the summer rolled on, I never heard anything else about the musical or the secret workshops in DC. Hence I stored the information as a bunk curiosity in the back of my very yummy brain.

Then I stumbled on something last night. I was wondering where on earth Asylum in Adam’s Morgan found room to have live bands play there (which is their latest gimmick). It’s a relatively tiny bar. Where the hell do the bands set-up and where is there room for an audience? (If you know please comment). I then got to thinking – what kind of bands will play at Asylum. So I checked the schedule and I found…this!

“Monday 10/31 – “NIGHT OF THE DIAMOND DEAD” From the creator of ‘Night of the Living Dead’ & The Composer of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. (A live performance by Diamond Dead)”

That’s right – Diamond Dead (the Romero/Hartley zombie band) will be playing at Asylum on Monday October 31st for Halloween! What in Hades?!

1. What the hell is this going to be like?
2. Will they be all done up in zombie make-up and stuff?
3. Did Diamond Dead actually test here during the summer after-all?
4. Why the heck would they be playing at Asylum? I’ve heard of flying under the radar – but Asylum?

I am completely intrigued by this – like Kolchak the Night-Stalker (the original not the lame ABC update) I vow here and now to go to this on Halloween and get to the bottom of this zombie mystery. More to follow…

In the meantime, you all have got to go here to watch the animated trailer for Diamond Dead: The Movie.

Originally published on October 12, 2005.

All of the web links for Diamond Dead are inactive in 2010.

Enjoy the Sell-out

If anyone was debating buying tix for the December 9th Depeche Mode concert at the GMU Patriot Center – today would be the day to get them. I had a nice chat with my Ticketmaster source today and there are only a handful of seats left!

To help you make the decision to buy – the new album “Playing the Angel” is pretty fan-flippin’-tastic and DM seems to be experiencing a reboot much like the one that re-energized The Cure in 2004 – so I’m expecting a really great show.

If you go to buy your tix and they are sold-out (which is most likely) you have a few chances to try to win tix this Friday.

First, the Black Cat is hosting their annual “Depeche Mode Dance Party” which will feature ticket giveaways. If you don’t score tix there – you could shoot down to DC9 where the Liberation Dance Party will also be holding a ticket giveaway promotion.

Originally published on October 12, 2005.

Catch Mono!

No, not the infamous “kissing” disease but the same-named band from Japan who are playing the Talking Head Club in Baltimore tonight. Oft described as the Japanese version of Mogwai – Mono are a high-density post-rock band that have developed their own unique stamp on the quiet-loud-quiet genre with the help of indie uber-producer Steve Albini.

I’ve been meaning to catch Mono for quite some time. In fact they’ve played in DC twice in two years and both times I’ve kicked myself for missing them. Perhaps it was fate though that requires me to make the trek to B’more tomorrow night. Not only are we going to get the chance to finally see Mono, we also have the luxury of seeing Bellini play as well.

The only thing Mono and Bellini have in common is they are both produced by Steve Albini. Otherwise where Mono is a big wall of sound post-rock band, Bellini are a super-tight precision math-rock unit. That’s right, math-rock lives! Gloriously embodied in the female fronted Bellini who do everything in their power to keep that obscured 90’s genre alive and kicking. The best description I can think of for Bellini are that they sound like Shellac with female vocals.

Now I know that had to have gotten at least one indie-rocker out there salivating.

Catch this great pairing of Albini alums tonight for $8 at the Talking Head.

Originally published on October 12, 2010.

This concert changed my life. Mono are one of the best live bands ever. Going to catch them next week for the 7th or 8th time!


So lately I've been considering some major redecorating of my writing room and our living room. The writing room idea is born out of necessity really - my work space is always utter chaos. I want to turn this room into a nice looking, comfortable study. The living room plan is born out of clutter reduction and making the room a little more streamlined and stylish.

For those who have been at my house, I'm thinking of moving the bookshelves and CD racks up to the writing room. This would really open up some wall space in the living room for painting and hanging cool stuff.

I am reluctant however for a couple of reasons. First, the moving of the bookshelves would be a major job. Second, I'm a tad worried that the living room will look barren without the shelves and all their nick-nacks.

Ultimately I wish our house could look like this but I know it never will.

Originally posted on October 12, 2005 on Myspace.

The house is still jammed with clutter in 2010.

Bloody Satisfaction

Went to see the samurai classic "Sword of Doom" at the AFI theater on Saturday night. I think this is one of the best samurai flicks of all time. It's like the "Taxi Driver" of samurai flicks. The flick explores some very dark territory.

One thing I was thinking while watching the super-violent climax was "Fuck Kill Bill!" - this movie was made in 1956 and features a final battle that makes the 88 Keys gang fight look like amateur hour. I rank the final fight in "Sword of Doom" right up there with the gun fight at the end of "A Better Tomorrow II" as one of the best on-screen violence moments of all time.

If you've never seen "Sword of Doom" I can not recommend it enough. It is one of the very best.

Originally posted on October 11, 2005 on Myspace.

Another fish drowning in air

My thoughts would be so much more poignant if this were my suicide note. Instead this is just another rambling boring late-night (cry for help) blog. Another fish drowning in air in the middle of the night. Not missed really, a moment's pause before flushing. If even worth that much consideration.

What's your sign? In-sig-nifi-GANT.

The worries of a gnat obsessed with a horse's tail. However monumental problems seem they pale in comparison to people with real reasons to whine and gripe.

Grip. A dead man's grip, clinging to life, holding on blind and white-knuckled seeking meaning. An excuse to keep going, a story to get them all off your back. A self-important story that "sounds good" so you feel like you are achieving something when really you know you are not.

No one is.

School, work, love, pleasure, money, stuff - all diversion until death.

Live for the moment - no regrets. Not bloody likely. A string of casualties in my wake, life is nothing but a path to destruction paved with the corpses and hurt feelings of innocent victims.

Should have ordered the steak.

Originally posted on October 8, 2005 on Myspace.

Another sort-of poem. Kind of a lame one. But a few lines are worth it.

Crazed Korean Cinema

A friend just reminded me that the Korean sci-fi freak-fest Save The Green Planet is playing for free at the Freer Gallery theater tonight at 7. Of course I’m going to have to skip this long anticipated film for our friendly Metroblogger’s staff meeting – but that doesn’t mean you loyal readers have too.

A buddy of mine caught …Green Planet in Austin a few weeks back and said it was a true 100% original with a scenario so bizarre you’ll think the theater walls are melting. Sci-fi, violence, gore, laughs, and a message – all for free at the Freer – you guys can’t lose!

Originally published on October 7, 2005.

I still need to see this movie.

Sword + Evil = Madness

Wanna see a really cool movie?

A remastered print of one of the penultimate cult Japanese samurai flicks Sword of Doom is playing at the AFI Silver this week only! Don’t miss your chance to catch this fantastic samurai morality tale on the big screen.

This film is beautifully shot and features some of the best classic samurai action while telling an unconventional story about one samurai’s descent into madness. This flick is a real hidden classic – I have only had one chance to see it before this weekend and that was back in the laser disc days! I can’t wait to see Ryunosuke go bat-shit crazy on the silver screen!

Sat, October 8, 9:00; Sun, October 9, 1:00; Thu, October 13, 9:10

Originally published on October 7, 2005.

I took a bunch of friends to see this showing. It was amazing on the big screen. They loved it.

Friday Night Fun

Two great entertainment options going on in DC tonight.

I don’t know how or why Bob Mould of Husker Du/Sugar fame decided on DC as the city he would retire to, but I’m glad he did. It’s been kind-of fun playing “spot the Mould” at local shows and I hear his occasional DJ night “Blow-Off” is pretty darn tootin’! But then I guess old Bob isn’t completely retired as he’s presently touring to support his latest album “Body of Song.” Tonight our favorite aged rocker transplant resident is playing the 930 Club – so in a sense this is his “hometown” show – wonder if he still gets nervous?

After the show or during it – whichever plan works for you (sorry Bob) – head over to the Marx Cafe on Mt. Pleasant St. for my favorite monthly DJ night “We Fought The Big One”, no guest DJ’s this month so it’ll be all Brandon and Rick disc spinning all-night long!

Originally published on October 7, 2005.

“Guerilla war struggle is a new entertainment”

My month long residency of great concerts in Baltimore continued Wednesday night when a group of us went up to SONAR to see Gang of Four. I failed to review the wonderful Gang of Four show at the 930 Club last spring because I went immediately from that show to my honeymoon in Quebec. Needless to say the old post-punk masters really did a job on the 930 Club.

Going into the show at SONAR I felt like we were attending a footnote concert to that amazing Spring show. Surely this show couldn’t top what was easily one of the best shows of 2005 could it? As we watched the two awful opening acts, I couldn’t even imagine a scenario where Gang of Four could improve on the perfection I witnessed last May. But then Jon King, guitar guru Andy Gill and the rest of the Gang hit SONAR’s stage and immediately I could sense that something was in the air.

First of all, the crowd at SONAR was small, real special concert in the making small, maybe 90 people. – nice and intimate. Second Jon King and Andy Gill just looked real serious when they took the stage. Like tough-guy brit hit men or something. Andy Gill plucked and shredded his guitar like it was a tommy-gun. Each shriek was met by an unholy howl from the lips of Jon King who looked like a deranged lunatic businessman who’s “mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore!” The rhythm section was on fire with staccato precision and a throbbing sex beat that got everybody moving instantly.

From the first strain of “Return the Gift”, Gang of Four announced themselves at SONAR and that they meant business. The set-list was similar to the 930 Club show, only enhanced by some rarities such as “5:45″ and “I Parade Myself.” The definite highlight for me was during the second encore when they ripped through an absolutely unholy version of “Guns before Butter.”

I find it difficult to express how great these guys are live. They are obviously old pros, but they play with a youthful exuberance and gusto that takes their stage show so above and beyond all the newer wave hipster posturing that all these new skinny tie bands try to pawn off as stage presence. Gang of Four really ripped the roof off of SONAR, exposing all 90 of us lucky souls to their ferocious song crescendos and the ugly truths of American life via their biting lyrics as delivered by Jon King’s trademark screech and Andy Gill’s patented monotone.

Originally published on October 7, 2005.

New Album Round-up

Since I've lost my FTP capabilities for a few months - AOTW is on hold. But if I could keep that wonderful little project going here are some of the newer albums I would have sent your way.

1. Depeche Mode - Playing the Angel - This one is a little retro throw-back to the period between Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion. It is pretty good but takes some time to grow on you.

2. Jello Biafra and the Melvins - Sieg Howdy - this is more an EP because half the tracks are remixes of the first album. But otherwise, boy howdy! The new songs kick sooo much ass! Kalifornia Uber Alles 21st Century is awesome! This concert is going to totally rule - for the ones lucky enuff to be going.

3. Gang of Four - Return the Gift - the post-punk masters re-record an album's worth of their legendary song catalouge. This album is like a greatest hits only better because we get super-produced updated versions of all the greatest songs.

4. KMFDM - Hau Ruck - I can not stress enough how kick ass this album is. Old Sasha finally perfected that post-En Esch/Gunter sound he's been tooling with for the last 5 years. This album rocks all the way through on ever damn song without a single low point. Seriously kids - this one rules! Best full album since Symbols!

Originally posted on October 6, 2005 on Myspace.

“uh is the sound”

A little late but here’s the promised Pixies in B’more review:

After dinner at Amicci’s in Little Italy (good portions of great food, but weird fraction menu which I think is silly) we took in some old Italian couples playing Bocce Ball on a pristine city sponsored bocce court to kill some time. The atmosphere was surreal – watching old men sipping beer from plastic cups, cursing in Italian, on this beautiful and quiet tree-lined court not five minutes away from the Inner Harbor bustle. It reminded me of growing up in South Jersey and hanging out with my long dead grand-pop Chaz and all his Italian cronies outside the Garden State Race Track. Ah my youth.

We made it over to SONAR in the middle of opening act Lake Trout's set. I have wanted to check out SONAR ever since I first heard about it last spring and so being unenthusiastic with Lake Trout's musical stylings my friend and I decided to scope out the rest of the club.

SONAR is a very cool warehouse style club with one large concert hall and two nice-sized rooms that serve as bars and DJ rooms. Both bars are very well stocked and stylish. Which was a surprise compared to the make-shift bar in the main-room. During and after concerts, the two smaller rooms open up as a nightclub which concert patrons get free access too.

The Pixies played to a massive (over-capacity I'd guess) crowd. People were packed in every nook and cranny of the place. Which was expected at SONAR when hosting a super-group.

The Pixies set began slow and intimate steadily building energy through the night to finally explode in a fiery storm of guitar and vocal passion. Where Pixies' stadium set-lists are like an artillery attack, this rare club show set-list was more like the band and the audience were having sex. In all a much more intimate Pixies experience however I'm not holding my breath for Kim Deal to call me sometime.

Originally published on October 4, 2005.

Crash Helmet

Last night I went up to the Recher Theater to see one of my life-long favorite bands, Helmet, for the tenth time in 13 years. My brother drove down from New Jersey to meet me in Baltimore Harbor for some seafood then we shot through downtown B’more over to Towson.

Along the way we were driving through a really depressed neighborhood on Greenmount Ave. For several of the worst looking blocks we noticed that atop each streetlight there were weird, pulsing, very official looking, blue, police car type lights. This blue light was very obnoxious and bright. And the people filling the streets looked mighty pissed off about it. Does anyone know what these lights are?

After driving through what we could only assume were Orwellian Inner City Pacification Hypno-lights we made it to the show. And I must say – Page Hamilton and his crew put on the best damn concert under the Helmet moniker my brother and I have ever seen! Something about the Recher Theater is charmed. Every show I see there sounds amazing and after last night I am coming very close to declaring them the best sounding concert venue of the area. Even Page Hamilton commented on how great a room it was for sound. He talked at length about it as he was tuning his guitar for the next massive sound assault.

The set-list was purely for the Helmet fans – as this tour is a mini-tour in support of nothing other than playing in obscure venues of the East Coast – it was a perfect mix of staples and live rarities from Meantime, Betty, Aftertaste, and a dash of Size Matters. In all my years of going to Helmet shows with my brother – I have never heard Page Hamilton’s guitar playing sound so effing good! And that’s saying a lot – the guy has always been one of the elite players – but last night – sheesh! All bow down and hail the king!

Lucky for my Helmet fan-boy ass, the mini-tour is closing up in Falls Chruch tonight at the State Theater. Tix are only $15 and if last night’s show was any indicator – Page and his new gang are reviving Helmet with the pedal to the metal.

Originally published on Otober 3, 2005.

I got really sick and had to miss Helmet at the State Theater. Still disappointed.

You know what I hate?

I hate unnecessary gratuitous spitting. Why do so many guys feel the need to hock loogies as they walk down the street? We live in the friggin' 21st Century - not the uga-booga era. It's gross, ugly, and rude. We should have anti-spitting laws like in Singapore. If we had, I saw 5 guys today who would have gotten caned just while I was out at lunch.

What is even more baffling to me is guys who spit when they are at the urinal. WTF is that all about? Talk about disgusting. Are these guys like trying to butch up to overcome urinal shyness? Or are they spitting on their dicks? Or do they just like watching a globule of their own spittle descend past or through their own piss stream? Whatever it is its effing gross!

Pissing at a urinal is bad enough - I don't need some dude saddling up to the one next to me dropping spit-bombs. Fucking dis-gus-ting!

Originally posted on September 30, 2005 on Myspace.

I remember I caught a lot of flack for writing this post. I still stand by it. Especially urinal spitting. Totally gross.


Boy, when Greta is gone I am one anti-social drunk bastard. I spent all night tonight suited-up and hunkered down in dark corners of Alexandria redneck bars. Silently simmering whilst rocking out to the Clash, the Who, and the Rolling Stones all of whom I played on 3 different jukeboxes tonight.

3 bars, three bands, three songs, 3 million beers.

Originally posted on September 30, 2005 on Myspace.

Prime Pixies Real Estate

Tonight the Pixies are playing Club Sonar in Baltimore! Seeing this legendary live power-house band that has been selling out 50 thousand seat arenas in a 930 Club sized venue is going to be a real treat. I hope some of you got tix to this before it sold out – luckily I did – review to follow!

Now I just have to figure out where in Baltimore to go have some pre-show dinner. Any suggestions?

Originally published on September 30, 2005.

This show was fantastic.

Firebase Omega Tango Alpha

Is it just me or does partying in Old Town Alexandria sometimes feel exactly like you’re drinking on leave in Saigon with a bunch of grunts on 3 day pass?

Of the three bars I went to tonight – all of them were packed with high-and-tight space-monkeys – filling the bars with so much drunken testosterone that I was constantly expecting a good old cross-Armed Services branch fist-fight to break out.

I have nothing against our boys in uniform but their massive numbers and obnoxious behavior got old real fast tonight. And then there were the women who followed these G.I.’s from bar to bar like medieval camp-followers waiting with beer and puke mingled breath to provide god knows what service at the end of the night – biding their time by stumbling overly-drunk around the dance-floor or creating make-shift melodramas by screaming “We have to leave NOW!” (seriously this happened at all three places).

Of all the places I went tonight the best was the Laughing Lizard which was little more than a small room with a pool table. It felt like a make-shift Officer’s club in there – which was kind-of cool after the first two bars. The crowd in there were much more sophisticated drunks, saving their cheers, jeers, and hoo-ah’s! for pool table victories and dart board combat as opposed to hooting every time Billy “the new guy” burped.

Originally published on September 30, 2005.

Bad Then, Good Now

Did anyone catch Anthony Williams official announcement that he isn’t running for re-election today at noon?

It was probably Tony’s best public appearance ever. He was playing it very informal with the crowd at the beginning, in fact I’ve never seen him so comfortable with an audience, then he launched in to a great speech recapping the transformation of DC that his administrations have achieved.

In the middle of a passionate reading of a list comparing mid-90’s DC to present DC – a bumble-bee attacked Williams’ wife (who is allergic) – Williams stopped his speech and tried to swat the bee – then turned the attack into a great impromptu laugh by saying “7 years as mayor, I finally get people listening to me, and along comes a damn bee to interrupt my speech. In short, DC – bad then, good now – all because I was your mayor!”

Originally published on September 29, 2005.

Anthony Williams was my favorite DC mayor.

Return of the BRMC

You may or may not remember Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – the little band of rockers I declared best area concert of 2004. If you remember my glowing review then you probably also remember kicking yourself over missing them when they rocked out the Recher Theater last year. Well tonight is your chance to make-up for that!

That’s right BRMC are storming the stage at the 930 Club to promote their wonderful new album Howl. Plus they’re bringing along Mark Gardener of Ride as an opening act! And we all get to see them for a mere 15 bucks!

Seriously friends, if you’re a fan of guitar, a BRMC concert is like finding friggin’ religion. They totally transform everyplace they play into the universal terminus of all things rock & roll – their sonics are unmatched and I can not wait to see what they do when they hi-jack the 930 Club’s awesome sound system.

And to all the Howl nay-sayers out there – go here to check out some set-lists from this tour – see that nice plugged-in stretch in the middle? It’s going to rock your socks off – trust me.

Originally published on September 28, 2005.


Greta's grandma passed away this weekend and Greta will be leaving me for most of the week to go to Indiana to help her Dad take care of stuff. Some of you may have met Greta's grandma at our wedding, she was a really nice woman, I wish I had more time to get to know her better.

Originally posted on September 26, 2005 on Myspace.

“Enjoy the Silence”

3:40 AM – Just got home from the Wall of Sound Festival in Fredricksburg. Man, what a long day but oh what a treat!

We left at 11:30 AM for this – rocked out for a good 13 hours – highlights were DC’s own Skydivers, Plumeri, Alcian Blue, Stellarscope, Ceremony, and A Place To Bury Strangers. Those last four bands rocked that crappy little Fredricksburg dive like they were playing in a major sports arena – serious guitar muscle!

Especially local boys Ceremony’s cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence!”

The whole experience was a totally worth-while music marathon. Let’s hope for one of these next year!

Originally published on September 25, 2005.

I am still hoping for a bootleg of Ceremony's epic DM cover.

“Don’t cross the streams!”

Dr. Egon Spengler: There’s something very important I forgot to tell you.
Dr. Peter Venkman: What?
Dr. Egon Spengler: Don’t cross the streams.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Why?
Dr. Egon Spengler: It would be bad.
Dr. Peter Venkman: I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean, “bad?”
Dr. Egon Spengler: Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.
Dr Ray Stantz: Total protonic reversal.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Right. That’s bad. Okay. All right. Important safety tip. Thanks, Egon.

This saturday features a confluence of fun things to do the likes of which Washington has never seen. Read on if you dare!

Originally published on September 23, 2005.

“Asps very dangerous!”

If you liked the long defunct bands The Jesus Lizard or Husker Du then you’ve got to drag your sorry butt out of bed and go check out These Arms Are Snakes playing at the Black Cat on Saturday night. I saw these guys open for Isis last year and they were mucho impresionante! They play like the spastic bastard sons of Bob Mould and Dave Yow!

@ the Black Cat
Tix are $12
Doors at 9:00

Originally published on September 23, 2005.

Operation Ceasefire

To round out a long week of protesting Bush, the war, IMF, and hurricaines a coalition of cross-genre rockers and rappers are holding a massive free festival down at the Washington Monument on Saturday. Hosted by everyone’s favorite dissident Jello Biafra and featuring acts as diverse as Joan Baez to the Bouncing Souls the Operation Ceasefire concert promises to go down in US protest history as a monumental day.

Or at the very least a great day of free tunes.

The Operation Ceasefire schedule is as follows:

2:05 PM – Machetres
2:30 PM – Living Things
3:18 PM – Joan Baez
3:50 PM – Wayne Kramer and the Bellrays
4:41 PM – Steve Earle
5:31 PM – The Coup
6:23 PM – Sweet Honey in the Rock
7:09 PM – The Evens
7:54 PM – Ted Leo+Pharmacists
8:50 PM – Head Roc
9:37 PM – Thievery Corporation
10:59 PM – Pure Belly Dance
11:27 PM – Bouncing Souls
12:12 AM – Le Tigre
1:00 – Fort Knox Five

Originally published on September 23, 2005.

Wall of Sound Festival

If you feel like taking a drive this Saturday to avoid all the protesting and rocking-out on the Mall – you could always hike out to scenic Fredricksburg VA, have some lunch, and take in some of the awesome bands playing at the Wall of Sound Festival.

Unlike Operation Ceasefire this festival doesn’t feature any nationally known acts and it isn’t in protest of the anything, what it does have is some of the best underground shoegazer and noisy-pop bands from up and down the East Coast gathering for a full day of jangly guitar goodness. For more info go here.

Line up and Times for the Fest

01:30pm-02:00pm / Remora
02:10pm-02:50pm / Hotel Yes
03:00pm-03:30pm / Plumerai
03:40pm-04:20pm / Back To Blonde
04:30pm-05:10pm / Skydivers
05:20pm-06:00pm / Kisskill Destroyer
06:10pm-06:40pm / Baby Calendar
06:50pm-07:30pm / The Offering
07:40pm-08:20pm / Grayland
08:30pm-09:10pm / Alcian Blue
09:20pm-10:00pm / The Sad Lives Of The Hollywood Lovers
10:10pm-10:50pm / Ceremony
11:00pm-11:40pm / Stellarscope
11:50pm-12:30am / A Place To Bury Strangers

Originally published on September 23, 2005.

The American shoegazer revival in full-swing!

“I want my 93 grand!”

E Street Cinema is kicking off their new midnight movie series “The GraveYard Shift.” Every Saturday at midnight they wil feature a cool old movie to be introduced by a prominent member of DC’s cultural community. This Saturday the featured movie is the ultra-cool psychadelic gangster filick “Point Blank” being introduced by DC”s finest homegrown crime novelist George Pelencanos! This is doubly cool.

First “Point Blank” starring Lee Marvin is a spectacular movie. Directed in a weird minimalist yet visually intense style by John Boorman, it stars Lee Marvin kicking ass and taking names as Walker a hood out to get his after being double-crossed and losing his money and his gal.

Second the chance to hear George Pelencanos talk about a movie he loves is always a rare treat. Everyone knows his DC based crime novels are some of the best DC fiction going but how many people know how much a film nut this guy is? He is super-passionate about his flicks and was one of the original investors to get none other than the Coen Brothers their start when he helped finance “Raising Arizona” and “Blood Simple” through the old Circle Theaters chain. I’m sure he’s going to do a bang-up entertaining intro to this Boorman classic!

Originally published on September 23, 2005.

Free Speech

I was driving listening to some Bad Religion the other day and I got to thinking about whether or not Freedom of Speech is a good thing.

What if the right to mouth-off against our government and our society is really a built-in pressure valve to prevent actual resistance? So that when we the people are fed up we can go have some beers and complain to our buds, or we can blog, or we can stand on a park bench and scream - all of which calms us down before we ever actually do anything about our complaints?

In oppressive societies without the right to free speech, the complaints go unheard and the pressure rises until the people do something to change the conditions they are unhappy with. In our society the pressure never gets the chance to build. We hold concerts, we use the media as a soapbox, we have ineffectual marches - but there is very little action towards change.

The combination of convenience, comfort, and free speech seems to me a perfect formula for domination.

Originally posted on September 22, 2005 on Myspace.


I know not many of you are hooked on Lost like I am, however for the few of you who are - what did you think of the season premiere last night?

I thought it was pretty bitchin'. Although I'm dying for the raft storyline to be picked up. The biggest new development is Desmond of course. My guess is that he will pop up in every characters' life thru flashbacks creating an even stronger link between the passengers lives and the island.

Now of course I'm dying to find out what Desmond's up to!

Originally posted on September 22, 2005 on Myspace.

Desmond ends up being one of my favorite characters on Lost.

Feast or Famine

This summer was a long drought for me when it came to concerts. There were maybe 4 concerts in the DC area I was excited about? Anyway, I can stop complaining about the lack of good shows and start complaining about the log-jam of goodness about to hit our region.

Sept 22 (THU) Alcian Blue, Airiel, Hartfield – Warehouse Next Door
Sept 23 (FRI) Clutch double-set – SONAR – Baltimore
Sept 24 (SAT) Wall of Sound Festival – Fredricksburg VA
Sept 24 (SAT) Operation Cease-fire – National Mall
Sept 27 (TUES) Wolf Eyes – DC9
Sept 28 (WED) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club w/ M. Gardener – 930 Club
Sept 30 (FRI) Pixies – SONAR – Baltimore

Oct 2 (SUN) Helmet – Recher Theater – Towson
Oct 2 (SUN) New Model Army – Black Cat
Oct 3 (MON) Helmet – State Theater – Falls Church
Oct 3 (MON) Raveonettes – Black Cat
Oct 4 (TUES) Khanate – Ottobar – Baltimore
Oct 5 (WED) Gang of Four – SONAR – Baltimore
Oct 12 (WED) Mono w/ Bellini – Talking Head Club – Baltimore
Oct 18 (TUES) Acid Mothers Temple – Ottobar – Baltimore
Oct 22 (SAT) Gwar – 930 Club
Oct 23 (SUN) Alcian Blue – DC9
Oct 25 (TUES) Jello Biafra w/ the Melvins – Black Cat
Oct 25 (TUES) Social Distortion – 930 Club
Oct 26 (WED) Social Distortion – SONAR – Baltimore
Oct 26 (WED) Adult – Ottobar – Baltimore

Nov 18 (FRI) Echo & the Bunnymen – Black Cat
Nov 28 (MON) Front 242 – 930 Club
Dec 9 (FRI) Depeche Mode – Patriot Center

How is one man supposed to cover all of this? Or afford it? Hell, some nights even have two good shows simultaneously! I’d have to be friggin’ Nightcrawler to cover those!

Ah well, it’s gonna be a damn fun Fall concert season!

Originally published on September 22, 2005.

Shirley Temple Tidal Wave

Come ride the waves of feedback at the Warehouse Next Door tonight as local heroes Alcian Blue host two of the best new shoegazer bands out there, Hartfield and Airiel.

Any self-respecting fan of the genre would be insane to miss this rare opportunity to see Hartfield who are visiting all the way from Japan, and Airiel from Chicago who as far as I know have never played DC before.

When you take these two bands and add Alcian Blue to the mix you have the ingredients for a potential world-ending vortex of sound right in our own back yard. So you can either sit at home tonight watching the premiere of ER like a lame-o only to get caught totally off-guard when the sonic blast blows your apartment to bits, or you can be down at the Warehouse Next Door meeting this aural apocalypse head-on*!

(*J&MC fans – see what I did there? wink wink*)

Tix are $7
Doors at 8:30

Originally published on September 22, 2005.


I'm having one of those days where I feel like burning every human off the face of the earth with hydrogen bombs except for Greta. Or maybe just taking Greta with me on a Natural Born Killers spree across the mid-west. Or maybe just setting all our crap on fire and retreating to a shack in the woods where no one could find us (at least with this plan no one gets hurt).

Aargh, I wish I could whisk her away from all the stress and all the jerks.

Oh happy days and cheery thoughts!

Originally posted on May 20, 2005 on Myspace.

M & G Trivia

Here's some M & G trivia to cheer me up:

Q: What song was playing when Greta and Michael first danced together the night they met?
A: "Always Something There To Remind Me" by Naked Eyes.

Q: What did Michael and Greta do on their first date?
A: Drove through tunnels at night listening to loud techno.

Q: What was Michael and Greta's first concert together?
A: Joe Strummer at the 930 Club.

Q: What was the first trip Greta and Michael took together?
A: South Street, Philadelphia & Wildwood, New Jersey

Q: Where did Michael and Greta spend their 3 month anniversary?
A: The Kennedy Center seeing "Shock-Headed Peter" and then Old Europe for dinner.

Q: Why was that anniversary a big deal?
A: Michael was convinced he had a curse that no relationship could last more than 3 months and Greta proved him wrong.

Q: Where did Michael ask Greta to marry him?
A: On their 4 year Anniversary at a Pearl Jam concert right after they played a cover of "Know Your Rights"

Q: How long have Greta and Michael been together?
A: 6 years, 2 months, 20 days, 3 hours, 45 minutes and counting...

Originally posted on September 20, 205 on Myspace.

In a Galaxy not so far away…

If your looking for some Tuesday night fun – Mike Harbin, bassist for local indie-pop heroes The Soft Complex, is guest-DJing at the Galaxy Hut in Arlington tonight.

Here’s a message from Mike:

“Pure Pleasure Seekers….that’s RIGHT -

This Tuesday, 9/20 at the Galaxy Hut in Arlington, VA is the world premier of the DJ show, Ginger Money Pussy’s Box of Gold featuring Piedmont (aka Mike from Soft Complex)!!

Come by between the hours of 9pm and 1am and listen as we spin a great variety of music from our expansive vaults – and drink some of the finest beers known to man (I recommend Old Peculiar or St. Pete’s).

Prepare to be perilous!”

Sounds like Mike and his crew are taking over the Tuesday night rotating DJ slot with what I’m sure will be a very entertaining and eclectic mix. If you swing by be sure to congratulate Mike on his recent nuptials!

Originally published on September 20, 2005.

Cheeseburger Meltdown

As a follow-up to Rus’s article about Hamburger Mary’s, my wife and I went there for dinner tonight. HM is probably my wife’s favorite place for American food in DC and we hadn’t been there in awhile, so she was looking forward to a nice juicy burger.

Unfortunately for us, there was something really off about Mary’s tonight. Our evening started well enough, we got a nice back booth, ordered our burgers. Our food was dropped off after a little while, two perfect looking burgers. As we both picked them up for that first yummy bite we realized that they were not the burgers we had ordered. No biggie. We got our waiter and let him know. That’s when he realized that we had been given the food that the people in the booth behind us had ordered. So off to the kitchen he went, to get them new burgers and to find our order.

So then a guy dropped off two more burgers at our table. I picked mine up and it wasn’t what I ordered. My wife’s order was wrong too. That’s when the people at the table next to us realized that we had their food! So we got the waiter again and he headed back to the kitchen to get them new burgers and to find our food.

My wife and I, and the folks sitting around us, all shared an awkward laugh about it. Hey, it’s friday night, what’s the rush right? That’s when we saw a patron looking pissed, march up the ramp, burger in hand, back to the kitchen. Followed by another and another. As our burgers finally, mercifully arrived an angry mob of people had formed outside the kitchen window all claiming they had been given the wrong burgers too! It all got a little loud, but after that first delicious bite of my perfect Bacon BBQ Burger all their yapping blended into the 80’s backbeat coming over HM’s sound system as I entered burger nirvana.

While their ordering system may have gone haywire tonight it was nice to find, once our order finally arrived, that even amidst chaos Hamburger Mary’s can still cook up a damn fine burger in the clutch.

Originally published on September 17, 2005.

Hamburger Mary's DC is no longer in business.


Watched the first of the new Fall tv series tonight. Threshold on CBS aired as the first of the networks' Sci-Fi three-way ratings slug-fest.

Threshold on CBS
Invasion on ABC
Surface? on NBC

Of the three I expect Surface to totally suck. I expect Invasion to become my new favorite show. And I expected Threshold to be mediocre but watchable.

So far Threshold is the only one to air and it is complete utter crap. The story is ridiculous, something about a sound from space giving humans an extra DNA helix as an audio body-snatchers scheme? Retarded. The deductive reasoning dialogue of the cast sounds like something from a rejected script of Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. And the action is oh-so lame. The only good thing about it is that it co-stars that midget therapist from Life As We Know It and that little guy can act! Otherwise this one is totally skip-able. Trust me on that folks.

Originally posted on September 17, 2005 on Myspace.

The Radical Spectrum of Foot Care

About a week ago I had to go to a podiatrist to have a minor surgical procedure on my big toe. I thought about writing then about the whacky game-show host style antics of the doctor and how his weird spastic SNL subliminal-man way of speaking made me a tad uneasy about having him hack into my foot with a scalpel. But for some reason I didn’t post. I don’t know maybe I didn’t think it was enough of a story.

Today I had to go to a different podiatrist office for a follow up visit because Dr. Giggles was out of town. Little did I know that there could be things far spookier in regards to area podiatrists than having a hyper-active foot fixer. At least Dr. Giggles’ office was nice and clean, professional, and in a respectable medical office-complex.

The place I was sent today was in a run-down little house in Falls Church, the kind of place kids probably tell ghost-stories about, the kind of house where no one has the guts to go on Halloween. The waiting room was a sparse converted living room with stacks of long out-dated magazines, an ancient rattling air-conditioner, and it smelled like well…feet. As I sat waiting for my turn with the Doc, flipping through magazines about GW’s first election(!) my ears were assaulted every two minutes or so by a loud electronic squelch of unknown origin. I was finally led into an examination room by the receptionist and told to take off my shoes and get into the chair. Then I was left alone with a “the doctor will be in shortly.”

I got up in the chair, toes pointed skyward and took in the room around me. It was a nightmare. It was basically an empty off-white room save the examination chair and a night-stand with five or six gummed up sticky bottles of god-knows-what on top. The walls, floor, and doors were covered in ambiguous stains. What little medical equipment there was there was either disconnected or in the middle of being taken apart and it all looked like it had been bought at the 66 Yard Sale. My unease grew as my imagination ran rampant conjuring up all kinds of scenarios that could explain the old mystery stains. Did someone’s foot explode in here? And why was no effort made to clean it up?

Then I thought about the Joker, you know from Batman. This is the kind of hole-in-the-wall Doctor’s office that the Joker would have gone to if he had feet problems instead of face problems. A nasty, underworld, foot quack probably addicted to some kind of pain-killing gas. Maybe mobsters use this place for some under-the-table bullet extractions? Or maybe this Doctor is actually a mad-foot-scientist and all these stains are the built-up splooge from years of trying to sew human feet onto house-cats?

Anyway, the Doc came in to see me and turned out to be a nice enough chap. He said my foot was healing nicely and sent me on my way. I left there happy that I didn’t need further work done in that gross house-of-horrors but also with an appreciation of the radical spectrum of foot-care options in our area. I mean who actually goes to this place for regular foot treatment? I pity them.

Luckily Dr. Giggles gets back from his foot fact-finding mission in Poland in two weeks and I can return to a 21st century doctor’s office for my final follow-up. I’ll take a clean environment and stupid jokes over stains and broken equipment any day.

Originally published on September 16, 2005.

This is one of my favorite posts.

Guatemalan Delight

I bet Fried Chicken is not the first food that comes to mind when you hear someone say “Guatemala”. However it is quickly becoming the food I associate with the small Central American nation thanks to Pollo Campero.

Pollo Campero is an upstart import Fried Chicken franchise that has been taking Central America by storm since 1971 and has recently set up shop near Bailey’s Crossroads. My wife heard about the buzz about this place being fantastic and attracting huge lines when it opened last year. Stories of Americans thinking the chicken was so good that they would buy a bucket of Pollo Campero to bring home from Central American airports started making the rounds. The flavor was described as out of this world and unlike any American Fried Chicken chain.

So being a lover of all things battered and fried, I had to try this place. And boy oh boy is it a good one!

This may be the best Fried Chicken on earth. Crispy dark skin, juicy as all get-out. Added to which the restaurant while set-up as a fast-food joint, has a seated served-at-your-table dining room on the side where things move at more leisurely dinner-time pace.

The side-dishes are all Central American inspired and delicious as well. Particularly the rice/peas dish and the beans with chicken sausage. To top it off they have a super-saucy salsa bar for adventurous chicken dippers.

Outside of the NoVA Latino community and certian savvy suburbanites, this place is a well-kept secret. But it is so worth a drive out there when you want to indulge in the guilty pleasure of some perfect Fried Chicken with a Latino twist.

Pollo Campero Bailey’s
5852 Columbia Pike
Falls Church, VA


Pollo Campero Wheaton
11420 Georgia Avenue
Wheaton, MD

Originally published on September 15, 2005.

This place is awesome. We still eat there at least once a month.

Mi barrio ya no existe.

Fuck Carlito's Way: Rise to Power! What the hell are they thinking making this obvious piece of crap? What kind of gansta wanna-be audience are they trying to cash in on?

The original Carlito's Way is such a fantastic movie, nothing but class. This made for DVD crap-fest looks like a joke! As Josh and Marcus know the original Edwin Torres novels rule the known universe and from the preview of this prequel it looks like they tossed "After Hours" right out the window to come up with some jive-ass Puff-Daddy what's his name bull-shit. And I can't believe Luis Guzman agreed to be in this!

He was Pachanga! Pachanga! Now he's playing Nacho Reyes! What the fuck! So the Pachanga character isn't even in this new story. That's messed up - Pachanga was one of Carlito's old crew.

Aw man, it is so disappointing. I refuse to watch this garbage.

Originally posted on September 15, 2005 on Myspace.

Still offended that they ever made this movie.

New Weird America

Why does it feel like Baltimore has been kicking DC’s ass in the cool, cutting edge, bands playing live category lately?

Mainly because of the plethora of good shows up there like Circle just last week and this awesome show at the Talking Head Club tonight.

Some of the best bands in the “New Weird America” (read: noisy improv psych rockers) movement are making a Baltimore pit-stop Wednesday night. Such amazingly original bands as Sunburned Hand of Man, Magik Markers, Nautical Almanac, and Human Host will be playing/instilling-awe-in-all-present all night for a mere $7.

If you are into elusive underground music scenes this show is a must see – who knows how long it will be until Sunburned Hand of Man will surface in this area again?

Originally published on September 14, 2005.


So I'm taking this Classic Arabic Literature class and I've got to say - it is pretty damn cool. Poetry is the main form of pre-Islamic literature in the Arabian Pennisula and most of it focuses on fighting, women, and horses.

Right now we're studying a group of outcast poet/assassins called the Sa'alik. The Sa'alik were individual bad-ass outcasts who lived like animals outside of society and dedicated their lives to their particular revenge quest.

The coolest one is a guy called Shanfara from about 530 AD. Keep in mind as you read this, that this is a real poet not a fictional character. Shanfara was an African child who was taken to Arabia when his mother was sold as a slave. He was raised by a nomad tribe as one of their own. As a young man Shanfara fell in love with a woman of the tribe but she spurned his love. So Shanfara left the tribe after vowing to kill 100 men to avenge the insult put on him by the girl and her family.

Shanfara spent the rest of his life hounding the nomad tribe, killing the men off one by one for years. Duels, stealth assassinations, and archery were his forte. Shanfara spent most of his time living among the wolves in foothills, stalking the tribe, and writing poetry about his killing prowess and ability to survive as an animal. Eventually the tribe formed a posse to kill Shanfara. They hunted him for months. By the end of the chase Shanfara had killed 99 men of the tribe. The posse finally cornered and killed Shanfara then flayed the flesh from his bones.

Legend has it that years later, a rider from the same tribe was speeding across the desert when his horse tripped on Shanfara's skull. The rider was thrown from his horse and he died of a broken neck. Thus Shanfara completed his blood-vow to kill 100 men years after he was long dead.

Originally posted on September 13, 2005 on Myspace.

“Freedom Walk”

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that to participate in yesterday’s “Freedom Walk” one had to register on the internet with the Department of Defense before-hand? Or that the actual walk was completely fenced in and surrounded by the entire DC Police Force? Or that if you tried to join the “Freedom Walk” after registration closed you would be arrested? Or that, well the list goes on…

Originally published on September 12, 2005.

Hail to the Redskins!

Oh man, the Redskins won their season opener. You know what this means right?

The George Michael/DC Redskins hype machine is going to go insane. Every Tom, Joe and Eileen is going to be plugging in to that desperate hope-energy that every Washington fan knows so well. The ability to take any glimmer of hope and spin it into a “we could take the division” pipe-dream conversation. Tomorrow these conversations will be had on every coffee-break in the District, QB theories will be put forth in every barber-shop in town, and the laurels of Santana Moss and Clinton Portis as our saviors will be celebrated in every bus and metro-car from Addison Road to Vienna.

I don’t like the Redskins. They aren’t a very good squad. And they beat the Bears who were a hurting unit by a narrow margin. But with all that said, I love Washington football fans and I love their ability to keep hope alive no matter how daunting the rest of the season will be. So here’s to the fans!

“Hail to the Redskins!
Hail victory!
Braves on the warpath,
Fight for old D.C.!”

Originally published on September 12, 2005.

Lovely Day

Today was a perfect Saturday. Just the thing I needed to cheer myself up after my toe surgery.

Took in a ball-game with Fred. Watched the Braves put on an awesome exhibition of baseball prowess as they ate the Nationals alive. The game was really great - the Braves are such a kick-ass unit. They've got the right spirit and hustle for the game. They totally deserve every win they get.

Fell asleep on the couch watching the Redskins Report, took a nice long nap.

Was woken up by G and we went to Ted's Montana Grill for some buffalo steaks. That place is pricey but quickly becoming a favorite.

Then G and I re-watched "Back to the Future II" - which is a perfect date movie. Hell, it is a perfect movie. BTTF I & II are filmed entertainment perfection. The way they wrap the storyline of II around the climax of I is brilliant and surprises me every damn time how well they pulled it off. Robert Zemeckis is an 80's movie god.

Originally posted on September 11, 2005 on Myspace.

Out-Gunned, Out-Classed

I took in a ballgame at RFK this afternoon to catch my favorite team the Braves whoop our boys the Nats 4-0. I’ve been pulling for the Nats all season, but I have to say watching the Braves spank them today was embarrassing. It looked like the Nats have lost all their spirit for the season. Once the Braves got up by 4, the Nats just started mailing it in.

The Braves have been my fav team since I was a tyke, but that fact has nothing to do with the following observation. The Braves not only out-played the Nats today, the out-classed them. The Nats looked like a bunch of hung-over old men compared to the Braves rookie squadron. Especially Deivi Cruz on second. The guy looked like he was having an aneurysm or something each time he caught the ball. Like he didn’t know where to throw it when he had it. I am amazed he didn’t have a significant error today.

Ah anyway, I’m glad the Braves won, but I wish the Nats could have put on a little more of a showing.

Originally published on September 11, 2005.

For the records I became a NAts fan once they fired manager Manny Acta.

Lost on DVD

Last night Greta and I re-watched the first 4 episodes of "Lost" on DVD. We picked up Season 1 which came out on Tuesday. We're going to re-watch all of Season 1 before the premier of Season 2 in a few weeks.

This show is so friggin great. Now that it is out on DVD, all of you must rent it or buy it and catch-up with the story before Season 2 starts on September 28th. If you do 4 episodes a night for 6 nights between now and then you'll be all caught up in the mystery of the Island.

Seriously you won't regret it. The show keeps getting better and better.

Originally posted on September 9, 2005 on Myspace.

Best show ever.

Opinion Poll

I've been mulling over a story idea for several years and today in play-writing class I tried to vocalize it for the first time and when I was done I was met by a room full of blank stares, a cough in the background and then the class moved on.. Now I'll admit it's an off-beat story, a little out-there I guess. But I think it has some potential to be interesting, entertaining even.

So I've decided to have a little opinion poll here. Yea or nay on this story.

It's kind of a cross between "At the Mountains of Madness" by HP Lovecraft, "Kingdom of the Blind" by HG Wells, "Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now", "Man Who Would Be King" by Kipling and the Island of Misfit Toys from those animated Rudolph Christmas specials.

Told in a gritty, "I survived" narration style, the story would follow a group of arctic explorers whose expedition gets horribly lost. Frost-bite, maybe some cannibalism. But the group trudges on. They eventually stumble upon an island of ice which is home to a magical city. This is the Island of Misfit Toys from the Rudolph movie, only when they enter the city, things are obviously going wrong. The city is being lorded over by a dictator toy (still haven't decided on which malfunctioning toy it should be) who uses semi-melted green plastic-army men to enforce his rule. The explorers band together with a Misfit Toy underground to overthrow the dictator toy. Through a bizarre and horrifying turn of events, their guerrilla war leaves the explorers the masters of the Island.

The story would escalate from this point ultimately resulting in all of the explorers, except our narrator, meeting awful deaths at the hands of the toys. Possibly a war with Santa's camp - I don't know. The possibilities at this point are endless.

Originally posted on September 9, 2005 on Myspace.

Insane Asylum

Apparently they are having all-female apple-sauce wrestling at Asylum in Adam’s Morgan tonight. It is $10 to enter and there is a big cash prize.

Originally published on September 8, 2005.


I've got a ton of ideas tonight but they're all coming at me like a shot-gun blast. Too many, too fast. Can't sort them out. Can't get them down. Just generating mumbo-jumbo poetry and slogans.

Feel like I'm a broken nonsense machine. Can't shut it off.

Originally posted on September 7, 2005 on Myspace.

Full Circle

Circle, Finland’s answer to Hawkwind and Yes, are playing at the Ottobar in Baltimore tonight.

These guys are the modern masters of prog-rock. Which may not sound cool to some, but to me it garners nothing but respect. In the age of post-rock and psychedelic freak-out bands – Circle wear their old-school style proudly on their sleeves. These guys display nothing but originality while keeping a lost music genre alive and well into the 21st Century. Their live shows are rumored to be frantic jams highlighted by guitar kinetics and god-like drumming.

This is their first US tour in quite awhile and might be their last. So catch them while you can.

Originally published on September 7, 2005.

"They call me the Creep" part 1 - by MHD

Ju-ju buttercup fucking fire-flies flittering.
Skippidi-doo-da down the track.
A pearly zipper splits my face long-ways.
Call it a smile, they call me the creep.

Uniformed school-kids leering at road-kill.
Hop-a-long square-dance bullshit commute.
Terminal station my destination.

Did that dog just laugh at me?

Guzzling glug-glug free re-filled jug.
Plastic colossus of convenience.
Mountain Dew spiked with cough syrup.
Choke-choking a thin stream of fluorescent bile.
Head spins and hums, post slamming on pavement.

Originally posted on September 6, 2005 on Myspace.

One of my poems inspired by the band Spiritualized.

Landmark Mall…

…is a great place to meet older chicks.Today I was hit on twice by women in their late 40’s while trying to enjoy a nice, quiet plate of beef fried rice in the food court there.

…is an awful place to go book-shopping. The clerks at the Walden Books on the first floor were overly aggressive in trying to help me and then had no clue what the hell I was asking for. Even though the new Brett Easton Ellis is a new release in Hardcover and they had a face-out display of it.

…is surprisingly a great place to buy used DVD’s and hard-to-find movie titles. The FYE in the basement of Landmark has a good selection of previously viewed DVD’s for cheap with a constantly rotating selection. I am also beginning to suspect they have a pretty cool employee who keeps their foreign section stocked with odd-ball hard-to-find movies, as they always have way more off-beat movies in stock than I can possibly afford.

Originally published on September 6 2005.

Excuse me but...

Are Marvel friggin insane?

Upcoming Marvel Superhero movies:

"Captain America, Avengers, Nick Fury, Black Panther" - okay Marvel I'm with you so far -

"Cloak and Dagger, Ant-man, Dr. Strange, Hawkeye, and Power Pack" - What the holy living hell?!

Who the fuck makes these decisions? Nancy Reagan? I man come on Marvel! Really!

Power Pack! Power fucking Pack!? Does anyone reading this outside of Marcus even know who Power Pack are? Jesus - they were a god damn anti-drug After-School Special type comic that turned into the wussiest band of child heroes ever to walk the earth. You thought the Wonder Twins were lame, you ain't seen nothing till Power Pack comes floating along on the big screen. It will be a disaster. For christ sake, one kid's power was that he was a cloud. Ohhhhh a cloud. The other kid could shoot rainbows from his hands. Ohhh rainbows. Arrgh please fucking shoot me.

Cloak and Dagger - while potentially cool - never even worked as a comic so what magic formula will make them a good movie. Another super-cluster-fuck. This will be the"Save the Last Dance" of superhero movies.

Hawkeye - Hawkeye?! Give me a break. All he is is a cheap rip-off of Green Arrow from DC. And frankly, a bad one at that. The only thing that made Hawkeye cool in the comics was his interaction with other heroes. Everyone was like "Hawk you're lame, get a real power" and Hawkeye would be like "well fuck you Wolverine" - and then he'd kick-ass out of sheer gumption. Hawkeye is not a stand alone hero, this movie will fall completely flat.

Dr. Strange - I guess they have to make at least one super-hero movie for the gay audience.

And Ant-Man - oh holy vishnu, WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY THINKING?

Originally posted on September 6, 2005 on Myspace.

The Marvel Studios plan marches on. Iron Man 1 & 2, the new Hulk, Thor being filmed as I type, Captain America being planned. I'm loving it. Hawkeye will be in The Avengers film and I think as a team member he'll be great. Still don't think a stand alone Hawkeye movie would work though.


Finally some relief...

NO Convention Center and Super-Dome finally fully evacuated [link no longer active in 2010 - MD]

When the President, FEMA, Governor, and the National Guard lets you down. Who knew that the Department of Transportation would be the heroes of the day?

Originally posted on September 4, 2005 on Myspace.


Of course as fate would have it, our intrepid, old-lady saving, blogger Wayan got to Marx Cafe last night right after my first set finished and he left about 10 minutes before my middle set began at 12:30. Wayan scrambled out of there mumbling something about his carriage turning into a pumpkin and then he took off cartoon style in a big cloud of smoke. We found one glass slipper under his chair, but I’m pretty sure that was just a coincidence.

It’s a shame Wayan had to take off when he did, my second and third sets were monster shoegazer jams that really got people rocking out. Thanks to everyone who made it out (including Wayan), from the DJ booth it looked like you were all having a blast. I know I was.

Originally published on September 3, 2005.

Wayan was another Metroblog writer. He and I never really saw eye to eye on things. He came to check out my DJ set at We Fought The Big One, but never got to hear any of my music because he didn't stay long enough. He posted an article with a picture of me sitting down having a beer between sets and made fun of me a bit. This was my rebuttal.

Jesus Fucking Christ

Before I met Greta, I had pretty much given up on the human race. I was in a deep, dark misanthropic pit of despair. Something about falling in love with her, slowly began to restore some of my optimism that human-kind has a chance at salvation or redemption (whatever you want to call it). After reading this article, all of that has come crashing down.

EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS ARTICLE RIGHT NOW [link no longer active in 2010 - MD]

Fuck you mankind. You are hopeless.

Originally posted on September 3, 2005 on Myspace.

More Katrina aftermath disgust.

DJ Metroblog

This friday I’m guesting DJ-ing at “We Fought The Big One” at the Marx Cafe.
So come on out and watch me blow the roof off the mutha!

Originally published on September 1, 2005.

This was the beginning of my mid-00's DJ career.

Man vs Nature

I am officially fed up with this country (for the millionth time).

Read this news story. [link is no longer active in 2010 - MD]

The scene down in New Orleans and its surrounding areas is a fucking catastrophe on a scale none of us have ever seen in our lifetimes. So why is it that no one seems to fucking care?

An entire American city (stirke that, and entire region of America) has been destroyed and there has been merely a slight shrugging of shoulders to publicly acknowledge the fact. The news story above describes an awesome and horrible picture of conditions down there that are affecting millions of people.

Looking at all this devastation on the news, I was immediately reminded of September 11th. Where are the public out-pourings of support, moments of silence, and massive aide efforts today like there were then? Shit, we even had those things during the London bombings! What makes this much larger disaster different?

What has happened in New Orleans is a thousand times worse than 9/11. It is like an individual terrorist crashed a plane into every fucking house and building in the entire region. And then if you count the armed looters and hi-jackers it's like a small army of terrorists invaded the disaster zone to hinder relief efforts.

Why is there no public dialogue going on about this disaster? Why are we all so quiet? Is it because we don't see how it affects us? Or are we all awed into silence by nature's might? Or maybe it's because we have no one to invade or punish for the wipe-out.

Really the only thing I hear people talking about is the higher gas prices that have hit this week and how much it costs to fill 'er up. Once again like 9/11, when airports were freaking out, the main thing people seem to be concerned about is their convenience over the welfare of their fellow man.

Ultimately this is what truly pisses me off about people. Nobody fucking cares, says a fucking word, or lifts a finger to help or raise awareness. But then they are a fucking martyr at the Pump or airport security line.

And then, about those looters. What kind of fucking stupid asshole must you be to take up guns and hi-jack hospital trucks? I can understand looting for food and supplies because you need to survive and the infrastructure of the city is gone. But shit, stealing cars, hospital trucks, home appliances, and a nursing home bus? Where do you think you are going to go with that stuff? It is ridiculous that their is a mob of armed looters and roving bands of (well) bandits (for lack of a better word) down there diverting rescue efforts during what could be the last moments of life for some poor soul in dire straits.

What drives people to anarchy in situations like this? What's fucking next? Hurricane babies for sale?


Originally posted on September 1, 2005 on Myspace.

Katrina and the aftermath was an American tragedy on almost every level imaginable.

Reign of Terror

Well, my Fall semester started this week and all those "fun" classes are actually turning out to be much more work than I anticipated.

For those who are interested, I ultimately went with the "Theory and Policy of Terrorism" over the "20th Century Revolutions" class. Mainly because it fit my schedule better and fills a bullshit GenEd requirement. But don't worry, I'll have lots of revolutionary action tales to tell because I am still taking "Latin American Revolutions."

One cool thing about taking this Terrorism class is that the final research project is to profile a terrorist group and then to plan a massive terrorist attack in their name. So consider this the beginning of my reign of terror, after a few months of research I'll share with you the details of how I'm going to bring America to its knees.

Originally posted on September 1, 2005 on Myspace.


The week bridging September and October may be the week of concerts to end all weeks of concerts.

September 28 - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
September 30 - The Pixies (small club venue)
October 2 - Helmet or New Model Army
October 3 - Helmet (again) or The Raveonettes
October 4 - Khanate
October 5 - Gang of Four

Hell yeah!

Originally posted on September 1, 2005 on Myspace.

Calling All Music Geeks…

Kinski from Seattle are making a rare DC appearance tonight at the Warehouse Next Door.

Let there be quiet-loud-quiet rock!

[Review to follow]

Originally published on august 26, 2005.

I don't think I ended up writing a review.

Tough Choice

Your opinions please:

I have to choose between taking 2 different classes for this semester.

I can either take "20th Century Revolutions" or "Theory and Politics of Terrorism"

Both sound fascinating to me. Revolutions and terrorism are my favorite subjects to study. But I can only take one of these. Which do you guys think I should go for?

Originally posted on August 24, 2005 on Myspace.

I ended up taking "Theory and Politics of Terrorism" and it was an awful class.

TV God Walks Among Us

“The A-Team”, “The Rockford Files”, “Baretta”, “Black Sheep Squadron”, “The Greatest American Hero”, “Riptide”, “Hunter”, “21 Jump Street”, and “Wiseguy” these are just some of the television shows created by Stephen J. Cannell.

You remember him – the guy who at the end of almost every great 80’s tv show would be shown pounding on a typewriter and then he’d fling his finished page into the air? To me, growing up in the 80’s, this was an iconic image of imagination. I grew up with Cannell’s tv shows and I still remember that feeling I got whenever his production company’s logo would roll after each episode. I’d think “so that is what a writer looks like!”

Stephen J. Cannell may not have produced high-art with his extensive body of work, but he did produce several thousand hours of imaginative exciting television. I’d be lying if I denied the inspiration this gave me as a young kid with too much imagination and a knack for story-telling.

Tonight at the Bailey’s Crossroads Borders, this early hero of mine, this God of Television, will be signing his latest mystery thriller Cold Hit.

I’ll admit, I’ve never read a book by Stephen J. but I am sorely tempted to go down there tonight to tell the old scribbler what an impact he had on this young man to become a writer.

If you are a fan of his shows, his books, or if you were likewise inspired and want to get some face-time with Cannell the signing starts at 7:30.

Originally published on August 19, 2005.

This Corrosion

I feel crazy for admitting this. Like I am going back on years of criticising and ridiculing. I feel like the biggest hypocrite on earth for saying it. But...

Sisters of Mercy "Floodland" kicks ass!

I don't know, maybe like our taste buds, our musical tastes evolve and change as we get older. Or maybe with age, nostalgia grows even for things we hated many years ago. I don't know. I listen to this album and remember making fun of all the little goths prancing around back in the day, I remember thinking Sisters of Mercy were a pretentious over-blown theater act posing as a band. But listening to it presently all I can hear is great fucking music. This album rules!

This admission is the product of begrudgingly admitting it song by song as Diamond or Prokop has worked them into DPD. But I finally got this album and realize the whole thing (minus 1959) is just truly great.

Ah I'm getting senile in my old age.

Originally posted on august 19, 2005 on Myspace