Saturday, May 29, 2010

Landmark Mall…

…is a great place to meet older chicks.Today I was hit on twice by women in their late 40’s while trying to enjoy a nice, quiet plate of beef fried rice in the food court there.

…is an awful place to go book-shopping. The clerks at the Walden Books on the first floor were overly aggressive in trying to help me and then had no clue what the hell I was asking for. Even though the new Brett Easton Ellis is a new release in Hardcover and they had a face-out display of it.

…is surprisingly a great place to buy used DVD’s and hard-to-find movie titles. The FYE in the basement of Landmark has a good selection of previously viewed DVD’s for cheap with a constantly rotating selection. I am also beginning to suspect they have a pretty cool employee who keeps their foreign section stocked with odd-ball hard-to-find movies, as they always have way more off-beat movies in stock than I can possibly afford.

Originally published on September 6 2005.

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