Saturday, May 29, 2010


So lately I've been considering some major redecorating of my writing room and our living room. The writing room idea is born out of necessity really - my work space is always utter chaos. I want to turn this room into a nice looking, comfortable study. The living room plan is born out of clutter reduction and making the room a little more streamlined and stylish.

For those who have been at my house, I'm thinking of moving the bookshelves and CD racks up to the writing room. This would really open up some wall space in the living room for painting and hanging cool stuff.

I am reluctant however for a couple of reasons. First, the moving of the bookshelves would be a major job. Second, I'm a tad worried that the living room will look barren without the shelves and all their nick-nacks.

Ultimately I wish our house could look like this but I know it never will.

Originally posted on October 12, 2005 on Myspace.

The house is still jammed with clutter in 2010.

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