Saturday, May 29, 2010

Son Of A Bitch Must Pay!

As many a Metroblogging reader knows, I fancy a beer or two at the Big Hunt every now and then. Over the years of frequenting the place, my buddies and I have gotten to know some of the waitstaff very well. In fact just a few weeks back they threw a nice birthday party for my buddy Diamond.

I feel compelled to post because we found out on Friday that our favorite server Lauren was recently fired thanks to the efforts of a group of assholes — who walked out on their bill with Lauren last week and then came back during the week and threatened to take their business to another bar permanently unless Lauren was fired. Which she promptly was this friday.

There are three things that tick me off about this situation. First, Lauren is the best server we’ve ever had at a DC bar — ever — she was not only a great waitress but she was friend who we looked forward to seeing every friday and now she is gone. Second, it always depresses me that there are people in this world who are such monumental jerks that they would not only walk out on a huge bill, sticking it to a kid trying to make it in the world by serving drinks, but then have the supreme jerkitude to go back days later and have her fired! Where do these corporate dick-heads get off? What fucking sick jollies do they get in exerting power over a kid in a bar? Third and finally I am a tad dissappointed in the Big Hunt’s unwillingness to stand by their employee, but I guess dem’s da breaks in the DC bar industry.

I felt compelled to post, because I am pissed off. But also because I didn’t get a chance to see Lauren before she was fired and if I don’t see her again, I just wanted her to hopefully see this story and know that my buddies and I thought she was the best damn server in town and if she gets a new gig somewhere she needs to let us know — we’d follow her to the bar at the end of the earth.

Originally published on August 8, 2005.

Lauren eventually ended up at the Black Cat nightclub and we get to see her all the time.

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