Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Movies Recap

First things first, "The Devil's Rejects" is a fucking masterpiece. It is the "Reservoir Dogs" of gritty horror. It makes other new violence flicks look like kiddy play.

Case in point - "The Island" - saw it Saturday night. A mediocre popcorn flick with an awesome action director. Michael Bay makes great looking movies, but the scripts he picks sometimes, sheesh. At least this one had Ewan MacGregor chewing up the scenery. This movie was all flash and no soul. Big surprise when you consider it's a movie about clones. That said, Bay knocks some of the scenes out of the park - Ewan is good in everything - and that Djiuo dude from Amistad looks so fucking cool in this movie.

"25th Hour" - re-watched this ignored Spike Lee classic. Great story, acting, dialogue, directing. This is a really depressing fucking movie but well worth the watch. Really makes you think about who your friends are.

"The Return of the Rebels" - a bizarre Saturday afternoon flick starring Jamie Farr from MASH and Barbara Eden from GENIE. Oh yeah and Patrick fucking Swayze as a creepy California dude rapist who terrorizes Barbara Eden's camp site with his beer-swilling buddies so she asks her old biker gang boyfriends to come and wreck shop. Yes, Jamie Farr the human Muppet plays an aged biker as do a bunch of other has-been actors. They spend most of the movie training in a gym then they go and have a jet-ski/speed-boat chase. Very whacky train-wreck of a movie but I just could not look away. Greta and I watched the whole damn thing in stunned silence.

Finally - "Total Recall" - watched on tv with commercials - I still fucking love this movie even though it isn't aging very well. The plot rules, the action rules, the sci-fi is cheesy fun, and it is Verhoven violence. We watched this tonight and it was basically me screaming at the edited-for-tv changes and then filling in the swear words and horrific acts of violence that had been taken out for Greta who had never seen it.

Ah yeah. I love me some movies. Big or small, bad or good, I love me some movies.

"See you at the party Richter!"

Originally posted on August 1, 2005 on Myspace.

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