Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another fish drowning in air

My thoughts would be so much more poignant if this were my suicide note. Instead this is just another rambling boring late-night (cry for help) blog. Another fish drowning in air in the middle of the night. Not missed really, a moment's pause before flushing. If even worth that much consideration.

What's your sign? In-sig-nifi-GANT.

The worries of a gnat obsessed with a horse's tail. However monumental problems seem they pale in comparison to people with real reasons to whine and gripe.

Grip. A dead man's grip, clinging to life, holding on blind and white-knuckled seeking meaning. An excuse to keep going, a story to get them all off your back. A self-important story that "sounds good" so you feel like you are achieving something when really you know you are not.

No one is.

School, work, love, pleasure, money, stuff - all diversion until death.

Live for the moment - no regrets. Not bloody likely. A string of casualties in my wake, life is nothing but a path to destruction paved with the corpses and hurt feelings of innocent victims.

Should have ordered the steak.

Originally posted on October 8, 2005 on Myspace.

Another sort-of poem. Kind of a lame one. But a few lines are worth it.

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