Saturday, May 29, 2010

This Corrosion

I feel crazy for admitting this. Like I am going back on years of criticising and ridiculing. I feel like the biggest hypocrite on earth for saying it. But...

Sisters of Mercy "Floodland" kicks ass!

I don't know, maybe like our taste buds, our musical tastes evolve and change as we get older. Or maybe with age, nostalgia grows even for things we hated many years ago. I don't know. I listen to this album and remember making fun of all the little goths prancing around back in the day, I remember thinking Sisters of Mercy were a pretentious over-blown theater act posing as a band. But listening to it presently all I can hear is great fucking music. This album rules!

This admission is the product of begrudgingly admitting it song by song as Diamond or Prokop has worked them into DPD. But I finally got this album and realize the whole thing (minus 1959) is just truly great.

Ah I'm getting senile in my old age.

Originally posted on august 19, 2005 on Myspace

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