Saturday, February 19, 2011

"The Proposition" (2006)

Saw "The Proposition" today. That's the Aussie western penned by Nick Cave.

It was pretty good, pretty slow but good. It's getting a lot of press for being super hardcore with the violence and whatnot, and I guess for the mainstream Key Theater middle-aged art-movie snob set it is shockingly violent. But really it isn't all that rough. The movie is more of a mood-piece with a very basic premise. But they did a great job of re-enacting the lawlessness of 19th century Australia. The Aborigine stuff was very cool. And the dude from Sexy Beast gave a great performance. Plus a terrific supporting role by John Hurt - he was absolutely the best part of the movie.

This one is worth seeing, but don't go out of your way (ie. hassle) to catch it in the theater like Diamond and I did today. Save it for DVD.

Originally published on June 4, 2006 on Myspace.

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