Saturday, January 12, 2013

"300" (2007)

"300" is a beautifully shot orgy of on-screen violence. In a word it is great.

"300" is one of the coolest looking action films ever shot. It is the very definition of movie escapism. It reinvigorates movies as good old fashioned entertainment.

The sound, score, and visuals are insane in this movie. The sheer sensory enjoyment this film delivers is a masterful achievement in it self and far-surpasses the bare-bones plot criticism that are out there.

Any one who loves movies would have to love this movie by default. It is such a basic, visceral movie experience that I can't imagine how someone serious about film could not like it.

Plus it kicks all kinds of ass. There isn't a better filmed sword/spear combat movie in existence.

One performance note: Gerard Butler as King Leonidas is one of the ultimate movie bad-asses of all time.

Originally posted on March 12, 2007 on Myspace.

This movie has unfortunately evolved into a parody of itself over time for all the wrong reasons that really have nothing to do with the film itself. If you strip away the rise of the "bro" phenomenon and ignore Zach Snyder's misses that soon followed and watch this movie in a culture vacuum, it still stands as one of the best action-ers ever.

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