Sunday, January 6, 2013

Evil Dead: The Musical

Another really cool thing Greta and I did in NYC was catch "Evil Dead: The Musical"!

I had read about this a few months back, then forgot about it. Then walking to our hotel we saw a sign for it at this little theater. So we went to a late-night show.

I must say, I was skeptical of "Evil Dead" being turned into a musical. The show wiped all of that away. The first three rows were covered in plastic - the 'splatter zone'. The crowd were all hooting and hollering goths and metal kids. There was an usher selling shots. The warm up music in the theater was AC/DC.

The show is really, really fun. They weaved in elements from all three "Evil Dead" flicks to make one very funny, bloody stage show for the horror geek in all of us. The actor who played Ash kicked total ass. His onstage transformation was really great. Everything about the show was spot on - most of all the horror effects. This was a bloody gore fest of a musical. The songs were friggin hilarious - my favs being "What the fuck was that!?" sung by the two male leads and "Good Ol' Reliable Jake' sung by the redneck guide.

This show really entertianed on all levels. I usually despise musicals but this one was a really unique treat. Definitely a good one for fans of the 'Evil Dead" trilogy or non-conventional stage entertainment.

This great show is about to hit the road. If it comes to your town, make sure you catch it.

Originally posted on February 8, 2007 on Myspace.

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