Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Apocalypto" (2006)

Forget all the cultural hoopla surrounding this movie.

This movie is an old-fashioned, awesome, action movie. I caught it yesterday with Todd J. and both of us agree that "Apocalypto" is one of the best guy-movie-night movies to come along in quite awhile. This movie has so much violence it makes your head spin.

The movie is done in a breath-taking sweeping style but somehow manages to be this really personal story of a dude trying to survive in a complicated and violent world.

I was expecting some kind of big, brainy, sensitive portrayal of a dead civilization. Instead what "Apocalypto" amounts to is one of the most artfully done action flicks ever. This is a blood-n-guts battle movie that follows the hero's journey into manhood against an ultra-violent foe.

There are a few problems with "Apocalypto" that can't be avoided. There is one 'prophecy' scene that was supposed to be creepy but kind of fell flat. Which is a shame because it sets up a lot of the second half of the story. Some of the editing could have been better towards the end of the flick. And then there is the big surprise at the end, which was really unnecessary. The surprise reveal doesn't detract from the movie, so much as make you say 'meh'. The story could have ended just fine without it.

I recommend "Apocalypto" to all the fellas. It is like First Blood set a gazillion years ago with Rambo's initial POW years as a prelude.

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