Thursday, July 1, 2010

before there was Borf there was…

To continue the unofficial theme of Graffiti day here at Metroblogs DC – how many people remember Cool Disco Dan and his reign of paint-can terror over the DC area through the 80’s & 90’s? While my previous post may make me sound like a jack-boot graffiti fascist, I actually like most real graffiti (as long as it stays off residencies) – it’s just the magic marker taggers that I hate.

While Cool Disco Dan’s graffiti wasn’t the most artful, it was funny to see how prolific he was and to watch his signature spray spread onto the darnedest places around DC, MD, and NOVA. Here is a nice bio of this DC original who kicks the crap out of Borf any day of the week. Mainly because Borf is a spoiled brat while Cool Disco Dan is a genuine product of the city-streets who risked it all to express himself.

Originally published on February 23, 2006.

Borf was this lame, stencil-graffiti, rich-kid in DC in the mid-00's trying to make a name for himself.

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