Thursday, July 1, 2010


Excerpt from a story I'm working on:

The peacekeepers set up their blockades to keep the madness contained; to keep the machete squads in and the mercenaries and maniacs of the world out. Rwanda was a spark that could have lit all the brush in Africa ablaze with unchecked, unguided violence. That was the obvious problem and the blockades were the solution. But no one expected the far-reaching attraction that the genocide had around the globe. As if evil attracts evil. Killers the world over felt a magnetic pull towards the absolute blood-red maelstrom of chaos that the peacekeepers were trying to contain.

Every day pedophiles, sadists, rapists, and butchers flooded Rwanda. Hoping to indulge in their sickest thrills amidst a nation gone blood bonanza. Into a world already turned upside down by ethnic violence was inserted the deranged and the cruel of the seven continents. Then mercenaries and arms shipments were added to the mix and total anarchy was the result.

Janney was one of six operators authorized to go past the blockades into the haze of red that was Rwanda. His job was to track down known blockade violators and bring them out. Dead or alive. To a man like Janney, nine times out of ten, dead was much easier than alive.

Originally posted on April 28, 2006 on Myspace.

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