Thursday, July 1, 2010

Movie Round-Up

Watched a ton lately.

: One of the best ever.

The Ballad of Cable Houge
: The meanest comedy ever made. A looked over Sam Peckinpah minor masterpiece with a brilliant performance by Jason Robards Jr.

Major Dundee
(The Extended Restored Never-Before-Released Version): Wow! I never saw this because I always new it was not released as Peckinpah intended. This new DVD is a director's cut made from his notes with a new score. Jesus on a stick is this fucking good! This movie is just awesome - in a "what a great fucking story idea" way. Josh you have to rent this! Chuck Heston vs Richard Harris vs French Irregulars in Mexico vs Apaches! Amazing levels of hatred in this flick. This is an epic Civil War fucked up scenario like only Peckinpah could truly deliver. I am so glad they restored this to the be the film he meant it to be..

: The power went out at home and there was nothing to see conveniently except this movie. It is a really dumb comedy, with new lows in fart humor. However there were a few very funny lines. I'm not going to recommend it though.

: Finally saw this movie. Meh. More a thriller than anything else. Not horror at all. But well executed as a flick. Just not as mind-blowing as it was made out to be.

: I don't know why I convinced myself to Netflix this. I think because Clive Owen is cool and RZA and Xzibit are in it. I dunno. This movie is very slick looking crap. It is diarrhea. Seriously, don't waste your time. It is one of the lamest plots EVER with one of the wimpiest, whiniest heroes EVER. This should have been a Michael Douglas vehicle. Just another sleazy middle-aged dude in over-his-head doing stoopid things to hide his affair movie. LAME ASS SHIT.

Hidalgo: The first 15 minutes of this suck. Then the movie kicks in and it is just pure, silly, adventure. Honor in the desert. What more can I ask for on a Saturday afternoon? Fun, fun, fun.

Originally posted on April 27, 2006 on Myspace.

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