Thursday, July 1, 2010

Daydream National Registry

The Library of Congress announced its 2006 inductees to the National Sound Registry this week, which included Sonic Youth’s seminal 1988 album "Daydream Nation". The National Sound Registry’s mission is to preserve recordings “that are culturally, historically, or aesthetically important and/or inform or reflect life in the United States” for all future generations of Americans.

How cool is that?

The LOC website describes this important 80’s underground album as such:

“Pioneer members of New York City’s clangorous early 1980s No Wave scene, Sonic Youth are renowned for a glorious form of noise-based chaos. Guitarists Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo had previously performed with Glenn Branca’s large guitar ensembles, and their alternative guitar tunings and ringing harmonies attest to this apprenticeship. On Daydream Nation, their third album, the group’s forays into outright noise always return to melodic songs that employ hypnotic arpeggios, driving punk rock rhythmic figures and furious gales of guitar-based noise. Bassist Kim Gordon’s haunting vocals and edgy lyrics add additional depth to the numbers she sings.”

Congrats to Sonic Youth! And way to go Library of Congress for recognizing the impact of modern underground music!

PS- BB, Jimi, and Stevie were also notable additions!

Originally published on April 13, 2006.

I love that this great album is preserved by the LOC!

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