Thursday, July 1, 2010

Scrambled Brains

A fishtank exploded all over Eisenhower. Mr. Kotter smacked Phenomenon with a ruler while the Penguin smoked a blunt with Elwood Blues.

And a partridge in a pear tree got sucked into the jet fan of a U2 which went down over Moscow on the Hudson. Robin Williams sucks Mr. Ed's carrot while Lassiter slides down a power line in a race with Tango and Cash.

Cash and Tango dance the Lambada with Crockett and Tubbs while Murtaugh and Riggs battle Busey in a rain of fire hydrant gone sprinkler. Sue Sue Psudeo lives in the Land of Confusion that got a pie in the eye like that black and white Love and Rockets' tune cranking out James Earl Jones' ghetto blaster giving Eddie Olmos an apple with a bomb in it.

Johnny Handsome took the High Road to China Beach boys wish they all could be California Girls gone wild kingdom of heaven can wait, waiter there's a fly in my Talk Soup kitchen confidential informant for Miami Blues fake cop Alec fucking Baldwin say it with me "What one man can do..." another can do attitude is what this outfit has, absolutely fucking A can do yes sir we'll get the job John Donne "No man is an island" full of Fleas which he equates to god and sex and intimacy -damn literative bastard child of the Enlightenment and the Reformation - like the liquid Terminator after getting blown up by a rocket launcher full of bibles and stroke magazines exploding on a Destroyer after a lovers' spat in the Navy in the late 80's while gunboats ran rampant in the Persian Gulf and Time Magazine said Bush Senior would fix all those I ran for office on a platform of pig kissing and didn't finish the job in Iraq in the news everyday hero is the human interest story after saving a cat from a well or learning to read again after carbon monoxide brain damage from a mine collapse of the Soviet Union Pacific Railroaded right out of a job.

Fuck the bozos - Fuck the bozos? - Fuck the bozos right in the ear of corn in my shit faced his firing squad and took it like a mandrake sprouts under Hang 'Em High was a damn fine movie.

Originally posted on February 23, 2006 on Myspace.

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