Saturday, February 25, 2012

3 Classics

Watched a trio of classic flicks over the last few days.

"North Dallas Forty" starring Nick Nolte - watched this one to get in the mood for Fantasy Football. This is and "Any Given Sunday" are probably the two best football movies ever. This one is supposed to be funny but really turns out to be insanely depressing. One of Nolte's best.

"Chinatown" starring Jack Nicholson - Jack was a weirdo bad-ass when he was a younger dude. "Chinatown" is supposed to be one of the best written movies of all time. I agree with that about 80 percent through the flick. The dialogue is great and the mystery interesting. However once Jack starts banging his client I feel the movie (plot wise) goes a little awry. But then that is fixed by the classic downer ending.

"The Odd Couple" starring Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau - this is an all-time classic. Talk about good writing in a film! Jack Lemon plays the most annoying character ever in this - and yet you still feel sorry for the poor sap. Meanwhile Matthau plays a great lazy, bum bachelor and when he is on the brink of snapping - you really feel it. This movie is great and the score is too.

Originally posted on August 7, 2006 on Myspace.

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