Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Excerpt from an unfinished play" by: MHD

A large, dilapidated trolley car sits on tracks at stage right. The long side of the train car faces the audience. Half of the trolley car's wall is removed to give the audience a view into it.

Inside the trolley car we see that the inside has been modified. Harsh neon-lights glare down on three large wire cages which have taken the place of the trolley benches. It should be obvious to the audience that more cages extend the length of the trolley behind the section they can not see. The support poles have been removed except for one at the end of the trolley car, which does not hinder access.

The wire cages are fitted with tiny gravity fueled hamster feeder bottles. The bottles are filled with pellet food. The cage floors are covered in soiled newspapers.

In Cage 1 we see an old man sleeping in the fetal position, naked except for dirty boxer shorts. Cage 2 is empty save for a blue blanket. In Cage 3 an old man's back is to the audience, he appears to be masturbating.

CHAMP enters the warehouse through the side door, carrying a human shaped sleeping bag over his shoulder. His nose wrinkles at the smell of the place.

Originally posted on December 1, 2006 on Myspace.

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