Saturday, February 25, 2012

"The Prestige" (2006)

I went to see "The Prestige" for a second time tonight.

This is one of my new favorite movies. I think I will watch it over and over again for all eternity. I recommend it to all of you. It has a wonderful, twisting plot that seems fun at first but really gets nasty by the end. The whole thing is pulled off with a movie magic ease that really dazzles. Jackman and Bale act the hell out of their parts, constantly one-upping each other scene after scene (much like their characters do).

This movie transports you to its setting - which is an end of the old-world dawning-of-the-new scenario. I would almost call this movie steam-punk in that it uses technology of the day in a really fantastical way.

I don't want to ruin any of the plot here, but they do some really cool stuff I did not expect from the previews. In a way this movie reminded me of "The Godfather" - in that endless cycle of violence way.

The story is just really original and fun (if you ask me) and even though I knew all the secrets of it - I still found it exciting and deviously fun watching it again tonight. When you get right down to it this is a mean movie - which some might find depressing - but to me it is perfect entertainment.

Originally posted on October 26, 2006 on Myspace.

In 2012 this still stands as one of my favorite movies.

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