Saturday, February 25, 2012

"The Departed" (2006)

Power went out tonight - so yipee an excuse to go to the movies!

I went and saw Scorcese's latest "The Departed". A lot of folks having been calling this movie his best since the 70's - better than "Goodfellas" - yadda yadda.

Well I disagree with those people. The movie is pretty good. The script is awesome and the performances seriously rock. However this movie is nowhere near the level of "Aviator", "Gangs of NY", "Goodfellas" , "Cape Fear", or "Casino" and anyone who thinks it is - well they are on crack. Also the folks who equate this movie to "Taxi Driver" and "Mean Streets" - well they make me sick.

"The Departed" has some big problems. The last 20 minutes are very weak - handled way better in the Hong Kong version. Also the editing is pretty gawd awful in enough parts to be really annoying - especially in a complex plot like this one. Also the music editing - blows. They interrupt songs just as they are beginning to kick ass! (including The Dropkick Murphy's) This technique is used about 10 times and really only lent itself to the drama once - just once - all the other times it was just jerking the audience around.

The end of this movie just let down the rest of it really. Which is ashame. I think with a better editor and a re-written ending the movie has the stuff to be one of Scorcese's best - but as it stands it is an average movie with some great performances. Oh yeah and four dialouge scenes that rule the earth. (Nicholson is god).

Take it from me, this one is a rental.

Originally posted on October 9, 2006 on Myspace.

I've come to enjoy this movie more and more over the years. However I still don't think this is the flick that should have nabbed Marty the Oscar.

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