Saturday, June 19, 2010


My opinion of the Brickskeller has been in decline over the past several years. I go there a couple of times a year, usually with visiting friends, and it increasingly feels like an over-priced tourist trap rather than the neighborhood bar with a great beer selection that it used to be.

I went there last night with a few buddies for a few brews. We sat upstairs at the bar. Got a very friendly bartender. Ordered some beers.

Ace of Hearts – the pilsner of El Salvador – 5 mintues later – “Sorry we’re out of that.”

Wexford Cream Ale or Boddingtons whichever ya got- 5 minutes later – “Sorry try again”

Decided to get something on tap. Try the only beer that is less than $8 a pint. It’s crap. Start experimenting with the other beers on tap. Averaging $9.95 a glass!

Decided to give up on the expensive taps, and the non-existant bottled selection, and go with good old cheap American beers.

Order a Yeungling Lager – ten minutes later – “Sorry we’re out of that too.” – What!?

How can the bar touting the largest beer menu in the world be out of Yeungling Lager!? I mean run down to 7-11 for christ sake!

So we end up drinking Schlitz in a can the rest of the night. Yes, Sclitz in a can – the old stand-by -which I never thought I’d have to stoop to at the Brickskeller of all places.

As I sat there bitterly drinking my over-priced can of Shlitz, taking in the beer-hall decor, and running-down the list of not very rare out-of-stock beers I got to thinking that the ol’ Brick ain’t what she used to be.

Of course as my friends and I were parting ways out in front of the place, a tourist couple came strolling by looking for fun, the Brickskeller sign stopped them in their tracks. As they looked over the sign I overheard the woman say “ohhhh the largest beer selection in the world!” and they promptly went in. I caught myself starting to warn them, but then stopped myself thinking maybe the $60 they drop for 5 beers might buy a couple of cases of Ace of Hearts for the inventory the next time I get suckered into going to the Skeller.

Originally published on January 6, 2006.

I have some good memories at this bar, but I have not been back since this lame night.

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