Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Star Wars Galaxies

Ahh man. I used a Best Buy gift card I got to buy the online Star Wars role-playing game. It fucking owns.

Living, breathing, fighting, flying in the Star Wars universe with a couple hundred thousand other live online players and a ga-zillion NPC's with PS II cinematic quality graphics. It rules! It fucking rules!

All my friends who are into Star Wars should start playing this online and we can all meet up and form our own bad-ass adventure squad. Hell just the intro quests are a blast - I've been playing 2 days and am almost ready to make the move into total submersion - once I go to a planet it's on!

All the PSII SW games were the perfect build-up to buying this ultimate Star Wars game. It combines elements of all of Battlefront and Starfigther and adds a bitchin' role-playing interface to make the uber-SW game.

Defintiely a great time-waster.

Originally posted on January 6, 2006 on Myspace

This game ruled my life for a few years - good times.

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