Saturday, June 19, 2010


Have any of you seen the movie "Equilibrium" starring Christina Bale and Taye Diggs? If so I'm curious to hear your opinions on it.

I saw it for the first time tonight and am left with an odd feeling about it. For the most part I enjoyed it. Even with its budget constraints the film makers created a decent sci-fi/action movie. The no-feeling future was interesting - completely unrealistic but it worked in a fable sense. The gun-kata was an cool concept altho I'm left a little cold by the execution of it in the flick. I guess the actual action directing could have been a little better.

One thing I thought was really interesting was the lack of emotional response during scenes of extreme violence in the first half. It really upped the impact of these sanctioned massacres to have no one in the movie responding to them with any emotion whatsoever. And of course as Christian Bale's character makes his arc it worked pretty brilliantly.

In all, I recommend this movie with the condition that I could see how some of you might not dig it. I'm curious to hear all of your opinions on it.

Originally posted on November 23, 2005 on Myspace.

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  1. I like Equilibrium.

    When that movie came out I was going through a lot of emotions and wished I did not feel anything.

    Then I realized that bad feelings show you good ones and ultimately we decide how we interpret them for better or extremely odd.