Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Channel surfing today I determined that the last 10 minutes of Platoon are way better then the last 10 minutes of The Devil's Advocate however neither movie has the youthful mid-90's techno exuberance of the first 6 minutes of The Mod Squad movie. I also realized that the Winter Olympics are a snore-fest, StarGate:Atlantis blows, and America's Test Kitchen has a wiener for a host. The first two episodes of the British sitcom As Time Goes By have a quiet charm about them that I found hypnotic, whilst the shrill voice of Hyacinth Bouqet on Keeping Up Appearances is too much for me to relax to these days. I also saw about 30 seconds of Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball and a bunch of fake-boobs on about a hundred chat phone-line commercials.

On DVD I recently watched the Coen Brothers' remake of The Ladykillers which is one of G and I's favorite flicks as a couple. I also watched Lethal Weapon 2 today which reminded me that the first 10 minutes of that film have more action and adrenalin than most action films of the new millennium. Watching Lethal Weapon 2 also made me realize how much I miss watching action movies with Marcus, Steve, and Josh. Finally I watched 3/4 of the Criterion edition of Man Bites Dog a movie that I had almost forgotten how disturbing it really is (altho funny too) - I turned it off when G got home to spare her sensitive nature.

Originally posted on February 19, 2006 on Myspace.

For some reason I love this post.

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