Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Geek Speak

I noticed on Meetup.com that the Alexandria Dungeons & Dragons Group had a meeting on Sunday. This group of three local D&D players meet once a month for beers and spell-casting around a DM screen at a local tavern to be announced only to level 20 or higher Chaotic-Evil Paladins of Slaughter. Actually all you have to do for info is give your name and email address.

I know a lot of you closet RPG-ers must be crushed at having missed this, but never fear for Meetup.com also has information for a monthly GURPS happy hour happening this Tuesday at Buffalo Billiards. The GURPS group seems to have been around much longer and has a base group of 17 role-playing members.

Since these meet-ups happen at local bars I can only assume that all the members are adults, which in one way is kind of amusing, while in another (former RPG-er) kind of way is friggin awesome. As I know at least one other DC Metroblogger will agree.

I can hear those 20-sided dice rolling now.

Originally published on February 20, 2006.

I never had the nerve to dive into this geeky under-belly of Washington DC. Now that I am writing again it may be time to revisit this.

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