Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yes it's true - I am a geek

Re-watched "Strange Days" with Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett tonight. I've got a thing for the cyber-punk-inspired film-niche of the 1990's. Most of the movies were fairly poor but I love 'em just the same. Strange Days is one of the better directed ones. Kathyrn Bigelow used to rock as a director, I wonder what she's been working on lately?

I also finally defeated the two droid tank factories in "SW Clone Wars". It only took me about 5 hours of trying. Of course I was then promptly trounced for an hour straight by the two Proto-dekas guarding the Sith City on Thule. Ahh the joys of PS2.

I noticed in the bookstore the other day that ROC is re-launching a series of Shadowrun novels, so I picked up the first one called "Born to Run" - it's pure derivative cyber-cheese but it is still fun to jack into the Shadowrun universe again. It's amazing how quickly all the details of that world came back to me. I'd love to get a game going again someday.

I guess that's all for tonight, later chummers!

Originally posted on January 4, 2006 on Myspace.

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