Saturday, June 19, 2010


There is really only one word I can use to describe the new Narnia movie and that is "class". This movie was almost picture perfect as an adaptation but also crafted with such class, particularly in the first half, that it felt like real old fashioned movie magic. Like it really gets you to suspend disbelief. The kids, especially Lucy and Edmund, are cast perfectly and the portrayal of Narnia is spot on.

When I say class I am referring to the restrained FX as we get introduced to the world of Narnia. They actually had the balls to let the characters impress the audience before going crazy with FX. The second half is where the mucho-macho FX work kicks in and it doesn't disappoint. Don't get me wrong, there are a few tiny FX flubs, but by that point you are so wrapped up in the movie it doesn't matter. And the end, the end is the best live-action massive battle in any kids' movie ever.

And when I say class, I am also referring to the performances. The old-school british politeness that we rarely see in modern movies. It was excellent to hear these children speaking intelligently without resorting to modern slang or attitudes. Their performances really are quite old fashioned and what a difference it makes in this fantasy story set in the 1930's. Total class all the way.

I want to go on and on about some spoilers but I won't until I know some of my movie guys (and gals) get a chance to see this one.

On a side note: everyone knows I'm a sucker for "brothers" stories and Narnia has a great one. I have to say that there were many times during the movie that I saw myself in Edmund and in Peter, but I also saw my brothers in both characters too. It created a really cool empathy with those characters that raised their story to a whole other level of enjoyment. Marc and Craig, I bet you'll love their story.

Originally posted on December 15, 2005 on Myspace.

I recently saw the lackluster trailer for the third Narnia film. This is an odd series of films and I am glad that the first movie can stand on its own without needing the uneven sequels.

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