Saturday, June 19, 2010

Holiday Movie Catch-up. Not Ketchup or I'd be Screaming.

Munich - totally rules the planet. Best film on the terrorism/revenge cycle ever and darn entertaining at the same time. Even better than the Robert Shaw classic Black Sunday!

Wolf Creek - I don't know what all the hub-bub is about surrounding this movie. It is a basic killer in the badlands movie. A lot of slow build-up then some decent "run rabbit" scenes, then a lame ending.

The Rutles - Eric Idle's feature length Beatles spoof. G's father got me this for X-mas and it is really hilarious. The spoofs of the different Beatle's films are genius.

The Aviator
- this movie totally kicked-ass - why didn't anyone insist on me watching it. Definitely one of Scorcese's best as a director and DiCaprio's finest hour as an actor so far.

High Tension
(Unrated Director's Cut) - Whoa momma did this one kick ass. Probably one of the best tense horror movies I've seen in the last decade. The plot got pretty non-sensical but by that point there is so much blood on screen your brain is numb anyway. I was horrified and thrilled by this movie. It's fucking great.

- Christian Slater's first movie. I watch this one a lot. The title says it all. Slater's character is one fucked up little hombre.

Miami Vice
: Season I - episodes 1-10 - Greta got me this for X-mas. I fucking loved this show as a kid and realize now as an adult that it was one of the best gritty cop dramas of all time. Watching the series develop over the early episodes is really cool. Tubbs is the man.

Danger Mouse
: Season I - episodes 1-4 - Marcus and I got each other the same gift and it was this. Great minds think alike. This show is another childhood joy that has taken on a whole new level of humor watching it as an adult. It is brilliant comedy.

And of course I saw King Kong a second time. Which on a non-digital projector lost some of that "other-worldly glow" I referred to in my earlier review but still pretty much made me grin from ear to ear the whole dang time.

Originally posted on January 2, 2006 on Myspace.

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