Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On Cue

Looking for a good, comfortable place to watch one of this weekend’s NFL Playoff games? You may want to try out the new joint at 12th and U st. NW called the Cue Bar. My buddies and I took in the Saturday games there last weekend and in the world of yuppy/hipster, micro-brew, transportation themed neighborhood hybrids it was quite a pleasant surprise.

The Cue Bar took over a basement space that used to be fairly barren in decor and has created a cool atmosphere of muted tones and buffed metal, dim lights and high-tech flat-screen tvs. There are plenty of comfortable vantage points to watch a game, including an over-stuffed chair lounge and a very nice bar. The Cue Bar as its name suggests offers up about 8 pool tables as well as an adult Ping-pong table and darts. Around 9:30 at night they start in with DJ’s and the place fills up. But if you’ve been there all day watching football and having beers, then the added crowds come at just the right time.

Probably the most attractive feature are the very friendly bartenders who have no qualms sharing their football theories or very amusing anecdotes from their life stories. Not to mention a few free ones to celebrate a spectacular play.

While the Cue Bar probably aspires to be the next hip spot, which is usually the quality I hate in new bars, they manage to have the down home feel that I love about older joints thanks to their down-home service and willingness to host loud football fans. I really liked this place, hopefully it’ll survive the neighborhood competition until next season.

Originally published on January 19, 2006.

Cue Bar is now U Street Music Hall.

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