Saturday, June 19, 2010

What the frig? Redux

The Redskins over the Eagles on Sunday. The Redskins are now play-off bound. I say again “What the frig?”

The last time the Redskins beat the Eagles, they lost to Tampa Bay by 1 point the following week. Well guess who the Redskins are up against in the first round of the play-offs? That’s right, Tampa Bay. If that’s not a case of scheduling deja-vu I don’t know what is. Let’s see if Gibbs and his boys can pull this one out. I don’t see it happening, but if they do, you know what I’ll be saying.

And in Hockey news – let’s hear it for the Capitals who beat the Flyers in a rare over-time shoot-out on Saturday night.

Two DC teams over two Philly teams in the same weekend? What the frig?

Originally published on January 3, 2006.

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