Monday, May 24, 2010

Delta Force

I fucking hate how every Tom, Dick and Blogger is suddenly an expert on Global Terrorism or a master strategist on spreading American Democracy to the little brown heathens.

I swear to jebus if I read one more corn-fed football jock preaching online about "when ____ happens the terrorists win!" therefore "we can not stop doing/buying ____ !" Or how it is our duty to spread America's shiny light of shiny liberty under every friggin tent flap and sandy ass crack on earth.

I am sick of reading manifestos by people who know nothing about these complicated and dangerous situations that sound more like a re-wording of America taking up Kipling's "White Man's Burden" than any rhetoric by a politician in the last 80 fucking years!

I am double sick and tried of every jerk-wad terrorist bombing since 9-11 getting blown all out of proportion and being compared to Pearl Harbor or the A-Bomb or Dunkirk. I mean shit not to be crass about it but the Western world has forgotten what it means to suffer "cataclysmic blows."

I have read so much crap online by idiots who's entire education on these matters is watching the satellite scene in "Patriot Games" and playing "Splinter Cell" for 72 hours. All day I bit my lip, trying not to get involved, but I've had it.

I am not claiming to have the answers, far from it, I am admitting that I don't. But I am fairly certain that I know a tad more about some of this terrorism jazz than oh say the dude who sells printer cartridges at Office Depot or hmmm...the kid down at the laundromat who fixes quater jams.*

I'm just fuming after reading a day's worth of imperialistic crap ranting all over the internet. I am also fuming that everyone is rallying around the raising of the British flag over the US State Department. This is history in the making - a foreign flag has never flown over the State Department before ever. Sure, everyone thinks how nice, people cry out - "We're all Britons!" - but god damn it - no we are not! I'm pretty sure we fought 2 wars against the British to prove that fact. In one of which they burned down the White House a mere 7 blocks away from where their flag flies today!

We are Americans, and yes the British are our allies, and yes it is a fucking bitch that those bombs went off today, but we are not "all Britons" as so many people clamored to say today. I mean shit, just listen to British Punk Rock - The Clash - not even they would dare say "We're all Britons!" And yet suddenly almost every pasty white tech-nerd blogger in America is crying out that we are.

Where was the "we're all Spaniards" in March 2004? Where are the "we're all Iraqi's" every fucking day? Where are their flags being flown in DC?

The fact is the flying of the British flag is a political move by the US to keep England pacified now that their people are suffering in our war. The government is scared shitless that public opinion will turn in England as it did in Spain last year. So we do a little "flag-waving" public relations.

Why didn't we raise their flag back in the early 90's London bombing campaign? Or the early 80's London bombing campaign? I mean if we truly "are all Britons" today, then what changed between 1992 and 2005 to make us so close?

What are Blair and Bush doing up there at G-8 anyway? Holding hands in the moonlight? Kissing Cousins?

(* - referring to my straight A's in Counter-Terrorism at GWU)

Originally posted on July 8, 2005 on Myspace.

Reacting to peoples' reactions to the London bombings.

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