Friday, May 21, 2010

I’m in with the out crowd

It has been said that trends move in cycles. A constant revolution of “in” then “out” then back “in” again. I am beginning to think that’s true. Happily a trend in music I really love is slowly sneaking its way back “in” and tonight we get a nice dose of it.

I’m talking about Shoegazer music of course. That beautiful wall of noise that was perfected by the British in the late 80’s and seemed to all but disappear with the emergence of Brit-Pop in the mid-90’s. Luckily this music has survived and is steadily making its way back into Indie kids’ favor. A whole slew of great underground American shoegazer bands are popping up, one of them right in our own backyard.

Tonight DC shoegazer heroes, Alcian Blue, are having a few of their out-of-state buddies over for a kick ass showcase of new Shoegazer bands.

Bands: Alcian Blue, Drone Dimension, The Out Circuit and Pistel & Stamen

Doors at 9PM at The Warehouse Next Door – 1021 7th Street NW

Originally published on August 20, 2004.

Writing on the cutting edge of the great Shoegazer revival! Reading this in 2010 it is almost hard to imagine that shoegazer bands and shoegazer guitar as a performance technique fell out-of-fashion for almost 10 years.

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