Monday, May 24, 2010


The Big Hunt installed sweet new booths this week, which I am pretty sure Diamond, Prokop and I have single handedly paid for with our enormous bar tabs there over the last 3 years.

Also I finally watched Kill Bill Vol. 2 and thought it totally kicked Vol. 1's ass. All the stuff I complained about in Vol 1., bad dialogue, Pussy Wagon, general goofiness etc is gone in Vol 2. and what is left in place is a really good story with really good pacing and actual (gasp) emotion! I could almost see liking Volume 1 once they release the edited as one long movie version. But as two seperate movies, I still think Volume 1 fails as a film on its own. Volume 2 doesn't even really need Volume 1 to stand as a bad-ass movie in its own right.

Let's see...anything else? Oh yeah...Go Nats! 9 in a row!

Originally posted on June 9, 2005 on Myspace.

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