Monday, May 24, 2010

Break Glass In Case of Alien Attack

So tonight Greta and I went to dinner at the glorious Fish Market in Old Town after seeing the latest Spielbergo film “The War of the Worlds.” While I won’t get into the movie here, I will say it was good enough to get us talking. For fun Greta and I started running alien invasion scenarios. Particularly an alien invasion of the DC area and what we as a couple would do in response to it.

What would you do if aliens invaded DC? What if you were seperated from your loved one or ones. Where would you go in the mad scramble to avoid the hideous death rays? How would you find your signifigant other in all the panic? Would you bunker down somewhere, try to flee to the country, or make a noble stand on the Capital steps and fight the little green bastards? I mean these are serious things to pre-plan around here. You figure a WONK with a flat tire can shut down the beltway for miles, a guy on a tractor can gridlock downtown for 3 days, imagine what a sky full of saucers or tripods could do.

Greta and I came up with a pretty decent plan for ourselves, finished our wonderful meal and then proceeded to go home and get freaked out by tonight’s massive lightning storm. Which coincidentally is exactly how the aliens invade in “WOTW.”

Originally published on July 2, 2005.

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