Monday, May 24, 2010

Envious Eyes

Saw "War of the Worlds" tonight. Pretty damn cool and scary. Spielberg went ape-shit insane for 100 minutes. Seriously cool, dark violent stuff. Unfortunately he drops the ball a bit in the fourth quarter. The last 15 minutes were rushed and well, weak. Felt like a different director in those last 15 minutes. However the rest of the ride is totally worth admission price. The level of chaos and destruction was staggering. Some of the darkness of humanity commentary was bloody brilliant for a big-blockbuster type movie. Two scenes in particular totally made me imagine Josh laughing maniacally at the back of the theater. And well, it's just cool to see the world get the shit kicked out of it relentlessly for a good hour and 40 minutes.

Not to mention that Greta felt compelled to make our "In case aliens invade" escape plan tonight at dinner after the movie. Also a nice effect to have a huge lightning storm in DC tonight. The invasion starts out with some pretty freaky lightning.

I now want to go on a babbling rant about all the scene specific stuff that totally kicked ass in the first 3/4 of this movie. But I won't til some of you all get to see it. To ruin the gut-punch of some of the imagery would be a crime.

Originally posted on July 2, 2005 on Myspace.

Wow, second post about this movie. I guess it left quite an impression on me. I am getting the blu-ray in a few weeks. Can't wait to re-watch!

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