Saturday, May 29, 2010

Microwave Meltdown

On my way home from GMU tonight, I stopped at the Safeway at Braddock and King in Alexandria to pick up a few things. I had the idea of buying a few microwave dinners. When I got to the Healthy-Choice/Lean Cuisine aisle (which is a long aisle) I was met by nothing but empty freezers. I thought, well maybe the power was out earlier and all the meals were being saved in some meat-locker in the back. But then I noticed that there was a 4-fer sale on Healthy-Choice and Lean Cuisine dinners. I couldn’t believe that there would such a huge run on frozen dinners that a super-market would run-out. (I never go to the super-market so excuse my ignorance if this happens often)

Ultimately I discovered 4 dinged-up, pathetic little boxes waaay in the back of a freezer. Just enough to get the 4-fer sale price.

Driving home on Braddock I discovered that the homes along its entire length are without power. Assuming these are the folks who shop at that Safeway – I am just picturing thousands of melting microwave dinners and a legion of diet fanatics panicking because they have no power to the microwave any of these meals to salvage them.

Then I worried that I may be in the same situation when I got home. But alas as I turned onto my street I discovered once again that my neighbors and I live on the “cul-de-sac of invincibility” and our power was still on amidst a sea of black-out.

I swear a nuclear attack could EMP all of NoVA and we would still be up and running over here.

Originally published on July 27, 2005.

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