Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another CIA Cat story

After 30,000 people read my first CIA cat story - I've dug up another one.

In the early 1960's JFK ordered the CIA to undermine Cuba's sugar industry in an attempt to ruin Castro's economy. The CIA did a couple of things to try to do this. First they flew model airplanes loaded with fungus spores into the sugar cane fields. They crashed the planes releasing the spores and ruined some sugar fields. Second they bought up surplus sugar and then hoarded it. Then when world sugar markets were making good profits they dumped the surplus sugar on the market to drive the price of Cuban sugar down. This really hurt the Cuban economy.

Finally they had some guys in trucks drive around Cuban sugar fields with a bunch of cats and a bucket of gasoline. You may think you know where this is going or you may not. I consider it pretty insane. Anyway the guys would dunk the living cats into the bucket of gasoline and then light them on fire. They would then hurl the burning cats into the sugar fields. The burning cats would run around on fire spreading the flames all through the fields. Pretty fucking insane isn't it?

Could you imagine having that job? Dunking cats in gas, lighting them on fire, then hurling them out of the back of a truck. Over and over again all night long. Sick.

Originally posted on July 26, 2005 on Myspace.

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