Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ode to the Anchor Store of Every Strip Mall in America

Little kid finger prints on glass video-game display cases.

A Latina picks through a bin of half-price panties
Her brats play frisbee with the music section's CD's.

A woman in her 50's sniffs malformed scented candles,
Her husband picks through faux-aged Buddha statues and teak wood curios.

A thirty-something dude sorts through piles of Action figures in the toy aisle
His girlfriend tries on goofy sunglasses to pass the time.

Two twenty-something girls crawl thru the shoe section looking for a missing
match to that adorable pump they spotted in the returns cart.

A fat black guy, wearing a tiny red vest and a name-tag stands on tip-toes trying to reach the last cheap-shit boom-box for a generous Grandma.

A pervert watches women's asses stretch their skirts when they bend over to pick up dropped items.

A couple of skate-punks stage a riot in the food-court, declaring the dry hotdogs and "soft" pretzels unfit for the consumption of the masses.

A Salvation Army Santa starts screaming - "Blood for Oil! Blood for Oil!"

A cashier rolls her eyes as an old man counts out $2.36 in nickels and pennies.

Another cashier calls for Northbert to bring her "some gawd damn change!"

There is a slight fender bender in the parking lot.

The moon is high and full
But its light can not compete with the halogen glow.

Then an attractive white couple park their Jetta and laugh at all the blacks and latino's swarming the gates of bargain.

As they walk towards the sliding doors to do the same damn thing.

Originally posted on May 4, 2005 on Myspace.

Another taste of my poetry.

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