Monday, May 24, 2010

Rocky Mountain High - Death Valley Low

Man, coming down hard off of this fucking amazing weekend. The weekends of Summer '05 have been so bitchin' but man oh man do the Monday's suck.

Just getting buried in school work all over again. Aaargh.

Highlights of the Weekend:
- Seeing Greta play live at the 930 Club!
- "Rock Lobster" Taxi Cab - spreading joy with Prokop and Diamond down Columbia Rd.
- Very fun night at Zucchabar courtesy of JJ and Chris.
- The Great El Tamarindo race - which I lost due to girls with hurt feet, friends with lost cars and an overturning Port-A-John (thankfully not on me, but on a team-mate)

- Batman Begins - (Rocked!)
- Kamakazie Ghetto Bike Riders
- Chiaroscuro at the Edge - The whole gang plus Annie and Gretchen!
- Making horrible jokes about Diamond w/ Greta and Gina
- Car broken into rumour - insane power drinking/ skankin' response.
- Eating a thousand Yum's Dumplings w/ Annie and Gina back at Casa De Prokop.

This week is gonna suck, but let's see if we can top this weekend when we're up in NJ/PA next weekend!

Originally poste don June 21, 2005 on Myspace.

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