Monday, May 24, 2010

Bantha Fodder

I don't know if anyone follows AICN here, but I do. They've been chronicling the development of the rumoured live action Star Wars televsion show for awhile. Frankly I think a live-action SW tv show is a really bad idea.

While I am sure I would watch such a thing, it would be out of sick fascination at how much they could screw up the mythology. Apparently the producer of episodes 1-3 is saying that the show will be following Luke Skywalker as he grows up and chronicle how characters "end up together" before Episode 4.

Excuse me but...What the Fuck? Isn't the whole point of "A New Hope" the fateful meetings of all the characters. Luke's uncle buying R2 and Threepio, Obi-Wan and Luke teaming up, hiring Solo and Chewie, rescuing Leia. I mean, what characters are they talking about meeting up in this proposed television show? Sounds stupid and contrived if you ask me.

What would be cool would be a Knights of the Old Republic show. Who cares about little Luke? If he had awesome adventures before Episode 1 it would kind of detract from his Emergence as the Hero in episodes 4-6 wouldn't it? I mean even in Episode 4 he refers to his background. The most exciting thing he did before he got the message from Leia was shoot Womp Rats in Beggars Canyon.

Aargh. This better not suck as bad as I think it's going too.

Originally posted on June 17, 2005 on Myspace.

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